I’m demanding a $400/week raise for being a mom

The next time anyone asks me, “don’t you want another kid?” or “are you going to have another baby to try for a girl?”

All I have to do is flash them this photo:

The playroom that was I had spent the previous 2 days sorting, scrubbing and organizing:


I think they are building a secret railway from our home to DisneyWorld.

Thank you Scott for cleaning up this mess afterwards!


AHA!!! Found this article today! “Stay at Home Moms Worth at Least $117K/yr”

GOOD LORD! What brand of happy pills is she on?

18 Kids
WIth 18 children, I’d be using a lot more than my index finger scolding that child!

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  1. sharon

    Too funny. Whenever I tell my mom that I went 3-4 kids, she always says, “wait till you have the first one!” and then tell me what you think πŸ™‚

  2. Asianmommy

    That’s funny…my kids’ playroom looks exactly like that, too! Except we have naked dolls, broken tea set pieces, and ratty princess costumes added to the mix.

  3. amyjosmith

    oh boy am i glad it’s not just my house…
    it was sooooo bad tuesday when my son got home, he thought we’d been robbed – home from a weekend trip late sunday night, work all day monday and i honestly don’t even remember monday evening but apparently i didn’t do a THING – tuesday work then trip back out of town for pediatric dental appts – so when my 12 yr old got home from school, the sunday night suitcase explosion was still all over, front door locked but wide open and i had taken the laptop and camera…so the first thing he did was rush around looking for the xbox (that i truly wish had been removed).

    in a panic he called us, and all i could do was laugh. πŸ˜€

  4. megan

    That’s the difference between a house and a home!
    On those days I think, There will be a time (when they grow up and move out) that I clean up and it will stay that way.

  5. courtney

    Yikes! I still want kids though after seeing this. I’m just going to make the man give me some help, more “allowance”, or a nanny/helper .Men wouldnt even know how to tackle this mess.

  6. Lisa

    My boys are now 11 and almost 13. The mess never goes away, it just changes. I used to have Thomas the Tank Engine, matchbox cars, and Legos everywhere, now I have DVD’s, CD’s, games, Guitar Hero junk and clothes everywhere!

  7. patsyk

    OMG! I have 2 boys and I get that SAME question regularly! Our playroom has been in that same condition many times, and we just threaten to take away dessert or tv privileges until they clean it up… you can imagine how fast they do it… may not be organized, but I can see the floor! πŸ™‚ If you get that raise, let me know how you did it ’cause I could use one, too! πŸ™‚

  8. Banzai

    Men wouldnt even know how to tackle this mess.

    I beg to differ Courtney. However I learned this in the Army as a combat engineer.

    “Blow it in place”

    Which led me to one of my mottos, “Any human problem can be solved with a sufficiently large charge of explosives”. ;-P


    But it makes me think of “raw chaos”. And if kids can channel that it would explain their seemingly limitless energy.

  9. Sowjanya

    wait – how much do you get paid now that you are asking for a raise?

    I need to start making some before I demand a raise;).

    Don’t you love it that it becomes every one’s business how many kids you should have and when you should have them and if it should be a boy or a girl?

    oooo I just realized a good use for those chopsticks;)

  10. Nicole

    The solution around our house for cleaning up the toys from the floor is my new Roomba (my birthday present). The girls are so afraid that the robot is going to suck up their toys that they rush around to pick them up whenever I say I’m going to run it.

    Wonder where they got the idea that the robot can eat all toys of any size.

  11. Nicole

    BTW Jaden – I’ve noticed you commenting over at Bent Objects. Glad I was on the nose with that suggestion and that you like it!

  12. Christey

    OMG!!!!!!!! man, I am with you on that raise!
    i want one too!
    but yeah i have many days that look JUST like that. I have 4 kids (11, 7, 1.5, and 8mths) and holy hell!

  13. Kelley Smith

    As the mother of 2 teenage boys, a previous commentor is right. It doesn’t get any better as they get bigger. The messes just get bigger and regretfully more complicated!

    I never fell for that “why don’t you have another baby” thing either!
    But it looks like they had soooo much fun!

    Aren’t wooden train sets the BEST EVER for keeping little boys occupied!

  14. Kitchen Scrapbook

    I agree about needing a raise! I have pictures like that too. It’s not even safe to walk in the house half the time… ever step on a Lego or a matchbox truck?!

  15. kat

    I don’t think Scott should have cleaned it up. When we were kids my mom would threaten to throw everything out if we didn’t. Once when we didn’t, she threw everything out…we cleaned up after that…

  16. daphne

    Boys will be boys? =) Thank goodness Scott is cleaning that up and not you.

    And u deserve more than the $400 raise! Go for $1000! ;p

  17. Vicki

    We “clean” (reference Kat above) our girls’ rooms about once every 6 months. Crying, yelling, complete carnage, looks like a hurricane hit. One evening of work for us results in months of (semi) compliance with the rules.

  18. Ana

    now i’m scared of spawning….my own room kinda looks like that now.
    i have to tell you- i tried your citrus soy sauce for the kampachi a few posts back with some roasted duck (rubbed with 5 spice and salt inside and out, then stuffed with chunks of oranges and limes) for class and it came out awesome!

  19. Cakebrain

    Ha! you think you’ve got it rough? You’re Asian and you have 2 BOYS. I have 2 GIRLS. I always get the same question from family members (the old farts; not the younger generation) about trying for the golden boy. I just tell them that I’m too old and my eggs are Pei Daan (thousand year old eggs)! BTW, girls’ playroom messes are just as quick to develop as boys’ messes, but we’ve got those horrid little bits and pieces from those darned plasticy princess castles and My Little Pony sets. The small consolation: they have a fully stocked high tech play kitchen!
    We should trade: I’ll lend you one of my girls and you can send one of the boys over here. My husband wants someone to play golf with.

  20. nancy

    Oh, I have the three kids you’re getting grief about. Really, go for three. You’ll realize that you didn’t THINK your standards could go lower that what you caught in that pic, but once the third hits the scene you’ll realize that no, they can indeed go lower still. What’s a third, anyway? Just another one to throw in the tub…and then, when they’re all grownups, they’ll have another family member that ISN’T their parent to crab about to their sibling: Kid A can call Kid C and complain about Kid B, then Kid C can call B and gripe about A, and so on. If it’s only two, they’ll only have you to gossip about to their sib. No fun in that, hm (okay, okay, spoken as one of 6 kids)(and no, I’m not goin’ there)

  21. mochachocolata rita

    a friend made a negative comment abt his mom’s “demanding for Over Time pay and Annual Leave days” from her job as a full time mum…

    and i said “well she has to work almost 12 hr/day, 24 hr on call, 365 days/yr shift, (more than a graveyard shift!) so she deserves OT pay and AL days indeed!”


  22. Andrea

    Our playroom looks exactly like that right now! I’m going to bribe the boys with brownies today so maybe they’ll clean it up!

  23. Susan

    Awww, they say it gets easier with each subsequent kid after the 2nd one. Really…NOT!!! I have 3 and it’s challenging but I couldn’t imagine life without every single one.

  24. Ann

    OMG. We only have 2 dogs, and yorkies at that, so they’re small – so I have nothing to complain about, clearly. After seeing this though, I’m off to have my tubes tied. Or, better yet – I’m calling hubby’s urologist PRONTO. Snip snip!

  25. Susan

    Haha…when my first daughter was 3 she had a room that looked like that! We could not see the carpet and so one of our friends came by and took a look in her room and felt like she wanted to go shopping in there…so do we get to see the “after” picture..after 2 hours of sorting and scrubbing?

  26. Christina

    Boy oh Boy ……… the youngest of my four children went off to college this year and what I would do to have those days back when my kids were little. It goes by way to fast so enjoy those precious messes because it seems to me like in the blink of an eye their grown up and gone.

  27. Christine

    Your playroom looks like my house and I only have one child! What does the after picture look like? I also think all moms deserve a nice big fat raise!

  28. argus

    I’ve been approved as a Puppy Walker (bringing up a potential Seeing Eye Dog before it goes for pro training) and I realised there are so many rules and guidelines to follow — many more than some humans have (not you, sweetie!) for having babies. But then again, Switzerland’s dogs are generally very well behaved and maybe 40 percent of the children are. Your sons are adorable, Mrs Steamy, but I’m sticking with canines!

  29. Dr. Biggles

    Hmmm, I’m going to guess that took them about 15 minutes? My 2 boys are pros and can get that done in about 10 minutes of quiet play. For the most part though, I have them pick up and organize their own room.


    Or, I say, “If I have to clean up your room, I’ll do it my way.” This means I take a black plastic trash bag and put all the toys on the floor in the bag and give it to the Toy Troll. This troll will distribute all these fine toys to all the little boys and girls that deserve them.

    Ahhh, good times.


  30. meeso

    :)) Oh Jaden, That’s what happens to my daughters bedroom everytime I help her clean it and sort it… next day all the work was for nothing!

  31. eliza

    πŸ˜€ this thing has been a battle with my son, especially him and hubby. hubby can’t stand one thing messy in the family room, while i will wait until the end of the day to ask son to clean up. funny thing is son is said to be such a helper at his school!

  32. Flanboyant Eats

    girl, it’s madness! i heard about the mother on her 18th child. she’s trippin’, hard! I’m childless right now and ppl think I’m crazy for wanting 4!!!

  33. Deborah Dowd

    As mom of 6, I long for the days when a chaotic playroom was my worry. Driving, drugs, peer pressure, body image issues… need I say more about life with 2-3 teenagers in the house at one time?! But seriously, I wouldn’t change a thing (except the salary part!)

  34. Saphire

    I’ve been lurking for a while now, but seeing this post, i just can’t help but to say something.

    The funniest thing is as a mother of two boys (4 & 2), i had to do double take at the picture, because the toys, the cabinet, the toy bins/bucket, looks identical to mine. I thought it was my living room for a minute there.

    I wonder how many other moms with sons have the exact same toys & storage. i just find it really amusing.

    Good luck from one mother of 2 boys to another.

  35. Lien from Sydney

    LOL – you brought a smile to my face. This is how my son’s (2.5 years) playroom looks like every other day – down to the overturned baskets the maze of railway tracks that go on and on forever.

    I have another one on the way…so i can only imagine the mess getting bigger.

    oh well, such is life. thankfully they grow up and the mess moves into their bedrooms and then you can close the door on them!

  36. Trish

    As a stay-at-home mom to an almost 2 and an almost 6, I’d pass on salary to get some decent time off benefits. Or even a daily lunch break.

    Had to show my hubby the picture though to reassure him that it’s NOT just us. I recognize several of my bins, baskets and buckets, a couple of the trucks. Thankfully we haven’t hit train age yet. But mines got a layer on top of princess stuff, play teasets and about 7654 assorted Fisher Price Little People.

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