IMUSA Electric Espresso Maker Review

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I’m a big coffee nut – years ago I used to buy green beans from Sweet Maria’s and roast them myself. One time I even roasted them in a wok that I situated on my outdoor grill! Massive FAIL. Also another fail was the popcorn popper which just made a massive mess that I had to clean up.

For a while, I stayed on with roasting my beans with iRoast 2 (which is now discontinued) but in the end, I stopped roasting because while roasted coffee smells amazing – the act of roasting stunk. Kind of like empty peanut shells on fire.

Anyways, I’m a coffee tinkerer – with a collection of fancy coffee-making gadgets and always, always going back to my simple Aeropress when a gadget breaks. So why don’t I just stick with my Aeropress? Well – making coffee is a morning ritual for me – while the Aeropress makes darn good espresso – it is not elegant enough, not pretty. There’s no joy in any tactile sensation when making coffee. It’s a plastic plunger made by a frisbee inventor.

I’m experimenting with the Nespresso machine right now (ouch – the capsules are almost $1 each!) and also spent a month playing with the IMUSA Electric Espresso Maker. Love the price at $29.99 and it works so well. Making espresso and adding hot water for an Americano is my coffee of choice. (We have an instant hot installed at the sink so it’s just so easy to add hot water).

I’ve never really liked the original stove-top moka devices because that requires 1) turning on the stove 2) watching the stove – not fun first thing in the morning.

Imusa Electric Espresso Maker is brand new and is ONLY sold at Target stores AT THE STORES – not online. I’ve been working with their reps to try to find an online store but no luck yet. Like I mentioned, it’s brand spankin’ new.

Delonghi has a similar product – but $59 and Bialetti has one for $99!

Here’s my review of the IMUSA! *By the way, I’d love to hear how you make your coffee! And if you really like it, we’re giving a unit away right now!

IMUSA Electric Espresso Maker Review Video

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  1. CoffeeLover

    Nespresso capsules almost a dollar? Please do your research and reviews more accurately. In fact Nespresso capsules are much cheaper than Charbucks. Being an espresso shot, it cost almost the same as a K-Cup.

    In fact Nespresso caps are generally $0.65 or $0.70. Long way from $1.

    Please check how much Charbucks charge for your Verismo capsules.

    Btw, Nespresso caps are only €0.35 all over Europe. Even with VAT, it comes to $0.50.

    1. Hienieken

      Hi CoffeeLover,

      I’m not a Nespresso user, but I just logged onto Amazon and did a search for Nespresso capsules, and it looks as those Mrs. Hair is correct. A Nespresso capsule is around a buck a pop. The search came up with a Variety 50 pack for a lil over $50. I believe the cheaper capsules you’re referring to are the Nespresso “compatible” capsules. Again, I’m not a Nespresso user, so maybe you can hunt for a cheaper source. I’m just replying, because I did not appreciate the tone of your post.

      1. coffeelover

        Not everything on Amazon is cheaper. In this case, Nespresso sells their capsules directly for $0.65 to $0.70. In fact, Nespresso online is the only place (authorized) where one can buy capsules. However since their patent for the caps expired, now they have a new machine and patented capsules which is closer to $1 now. Still cheaper than Charbucks.

        There are no Nespresso compatible capsules in US, at least not from any known retailer unless you go eBay. But as I said, their patent ran out, and you can buy 3rd party capsules in Europe in almost any supermarket. Just not in US.

        I’ve been a Nespresso drinker for 2 years. I buy capsules from them directly. I know how much they cost. To simply find a post saying Nespresso charges (exorbitantly) $1 is ridiculous.

  2. Dana

    You are cracking me up! Love the ending…
    I may have to get the Imusa. I gave up on the electric Moka a while ago. I could never get it to work consistently. So I love to use my coffee press and I found a great organic coffee. Check out Equator Coffee in San Rafael, CA. The 72 degrees is one of my favorites and the organic espresso and the teas, etc….

  3. Joanne Owens

    THAT looks wonderful….I want the maker, the Patron, but I do have the Baileys…thx for the review. ♥

  4. Paula Bailey

    I am also a coffee nut and really enjoy trying all the latest gadgets and brewers so your review really “perked me up”. My favorite 1 cup brewer is the Nescafé Dolce Gusto. However is is hard to find the capsules without spending .75 to 1$ each so I use a Keurig most often. With all the coupons for k-cups out there I can get those for .55 to .75 each. If the IMUSA Expresso brewer is still up for grabs – please throw my name in the hat as I would LOVE to own one. I love expresso and it’s just not possible to brew one with the one-cup brewers! Thank you!

  5. Chris P

    I love the Aeropress! It’s ridiculous that it makes such good coffee. I use it to make “espresso” for lattes.

  6. Gina

    You’re too funny! Love coffee too and yeah they should have the carafe in glass! I’m going to try the dessert your having without coffee sans I don’t own the gadget.
    Thanks… Gina

  7. DedeGirl

    I have been wanting this style of expresso maker which is not the ones from Italy which are aluminum. Is the base of this aluminum? Don’t want that in my food chain.

  8. JE

    Nespresso’s latest coffee/espresso brewer is called The VertuoLine. It can brew both coffee & espresso. The capsules for this machine are shaped differently from the other models & do cost more: .95 each for the coffee capsule & .75 for the espresso vs .65 to .70 a capsule for the older models.
    So, everyone is right in terms of pricing!

  9. Katya

    If you think the Aeropress isn’t visually appealing enough (this is probably what’s stopped me from buying one), check out the ROK manual espresso press:
    It basically looks like a mini Aeropress mounted in some sort of mid-century modern torture device.

    1. Zach

      Hello I wanted to comment on the article. I found this while doing research for a new blender. Great and easy write up. Useful for the everyday users!! I dont really care what each celeb is currently using, I just wants things that are fun to use and make a good result.
      Anyways, someone mentioned the ROK espresso machine.
      I bought one while I was serving in a combat zone over seas. I thought it would be nice for my team mates and myself to have some descent coffee while in between working. I had previously just used a french press and then would make trukish coffee sometimes for special occasions. Then I found the ROK. Having a few Brits with me I used their mailing address goto one to us in no time and we enjoyed fine Espresso for the next couple months. It is a very cool device. Especially given that we had very few resources to use. All we needed was to hand grind our beans and boil some water. POWW amazing Espresso.
      I still have it and use it as my primary Espresso maker. Made of Air Craft grade Aluminum it should last quite a long time. It also looks wicked cool on the counter.

  10. Maureen

    Is there a model on your Imusa, Target has a couple of other models but none that looks like yours.

    In a newspaper article not too long ago there was an item about the actual cost of coffee in those little individual cups. Someone calculated that 1 lb of coffee put into those cups comes to 30-40 dollars/lb, Also there was a debate about the low quality of the coffee,

  11. Linda Nguyen

    I would rather drink coffee, and I want to manually dispensing it. I use it for my IMUSA Electric Espresso Maker and fun, good quality coffee and the taste of it seems not lost. But its drawback is that you must have experience using it.

  12. Victoria Valentine

    Two weeks ago we bought a new Imusa Bistro 4 cup espresso machine, it is a four cup machine and it can make both espresso and frothed milk. We got the machine which consists, a glass carafe with lid, one portafilter and a filter basket. I found it very easy to use this machine and I started experimenting various drinks and cappuccinos with this machine.

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