Nathan’s first hamburger buns recipe

This is a post from my son, Nathan, who is 9 years old. It’s his very first post!


When I grow up, I want to take over Steamy Kitchen and teach kids how to cook. Dad will like to teach kids how to garden and grow their own food with aquaponics.

But, I’m not going to talk with Dad about it right now, he’s very upset because 12 of the biggest koi fish just suddenty died.  He’s still trying to figure out what went wrong and is not in a very good mood right now.

I think that baking bread is important. My brother and I learned to bake bread when we were just 4 years old. A loaf of crusty heaven is what I call it.

We’ve decided that hamburger buns should be first on the list – a lot of kids love hamburgers and pork burgers and bacon burgers!


Bun boobies.


Funny faces


Silly Mom!



How to make hamburger buns by Nathan

Making the dough was really easy with the mixer. Just dump all of the ingredient inside and turn it on.


Use the regular paddle first, until it gets a little sticky.


Then you can change to a dough hook and let it knead for 3 minutes.


The dough will look like this:


Put it back into the bowl and cover with a towel. Let it sleep for at least 1 hour in a warm spot.


After the dough rests, then it will be a bigger like this:


Take the dough and flatten it and shape it like a square.


Cut in half.


Then cut in a total of 8 equal pieces.


Then roll them into a ball.


Then flatten them into a hamburger bun shape. Kind of squatty.


Brush with some melted butter.


Bake at 375F for 15-18 minutes until nice and brown.


And then you cut in half and have hamburgers! Or salmon burgers! Or pork burgers! Or bacon burgers!


Thanks for reading!





Hamburger Buns Recipe

Servings: 8 buns Prep Time: 15 minutes + 1 hour rest Cook Time: 15 minutes

Adapted from King Arthur Flour.


3/4 to 1 cup lukewarm water
2 tablespoons butter, softened
1 large egg
3 1/2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon instant yeast
1/4 cup sugar
1 1/4 teaspoons salt
For brushing: 2 tablespoons butter, melted


In a mixing bowl, add in the ingredients (water, softened butter, egg, flour, yeast, sugar and salt), EXCEPT for the melted butter. Mix and knead for 3-5 minutes or until dough is smooth.

Cover with towel and let rest for at least 1 hour in a dry, warm spot.

Preheat oven to 375F. Gently deflate dough, divide into 8 pieces. Roll each piece of down into a ball. Gently press down on the ball to make the hamburger bun shape. Brush each with melted butter.

Place on parchment lined baking sheet (or greased) and bake for 16-18 minutes or until tops are golden brown.




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  1. Janet

    You (with help from your equally-talented mom!) are responsible for every bit of success I’ve had with No Knead Bread! You were AH-dorable (meaning very handsome!) in that video all those years ago and you’re even more so today!

    Thank you for sharing your hamburger bun recipe with me. I hope to see you again when we all meet up in Asheville!

    Much love,



  2. Olivia

    Awesome first post! I might have my 8 year old, Izzy, try these. We mainly eat Paleo at home but sometimes I let them stray a little to indulge and fresh baked bread is her first choice.

  3. Kim Beaulieu

    Nice buns indeed. Great job on your first post Nathan. I’m going to try these with my daughter. Love the photos of you and your mom being silly.

  4. Elizabeth

    Nathan- you totally movated me to encourage my daughter to bake/cook. I’d love to read and see more of what you do in the kitchen. Well done!!!

  5. Steve-Anna

    Wow, great post, Nathan! I’ve never made my own burger buns, I’ll have to try it! Yours look way better than anything in a store.

    I hope you made a burger for your dad…and be careful, I think your mom is trying to con you into doing her job 🙂

    PS: Why not start your own blog in the meantime, you’re good!

  6. Barbara

    Your buns are beautiful indeed! I’ve used that same recipe for a long time and I love it, too. You should do a video on how you shaped them so perfectly, Nathan! You nailed it!

  7. Karen

    Hi Jaden,

    I love all your recipes! I especially like the fact that you grow your own veggies; very smart!

    I was interested in your TWO INGREDIENT bread. How does just flour and cream work?!?

    God bless you and your cute family!


  8. Angela C.

    Good job Nathan… that you can do it, I just may try my hand at it…..and they do look delicious…..and you are so cute… look just like your mom…….keep on cooking 🙂

  9. Teresa

    how cute is this guy. I had to laugh at the bun boobies! Recipe looks great, I am going to do this for my next cook out. Thanks.

  10. Alice Callaway

    Nice job Nathan!…They look absolutely delicious….and you make it look so easy!

  11. Mary

    Great job Nathan. You make it look so easy! Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you again very soon.

  12. caryl hodgdon

    Great job-looking forward to many more posts from you. Make your Dad a burger on one of these to ease him through his pain….

  13. Rie

    Thank you Nathan. I think you did a very good job. Maybe one day you can take over Steamy Kitchen. OR…you can create your own blog NOW and help other kids learn to cook/bake. High-five….PS…Don’t blame you for not wanting to talk with your Dad right now. Along with talent, you show good judgment, Best wishes

  14. Mary

    Nathan, these look so delicious! I’m going to try them this week. Good pics of the different steps too.
    ps…your so cute!!

  15. Sarah

    Great post Nathan! I hope you will post again. I’ve never made my own buns before, but since they’re so easy I will definitely try it sometime.

  16. Teri Melton

    I agree that fresh baked bread is a loaf of crusty heaven. It is excellent that you are making your own. And everyone uses buns at one time or another, but I know the store bought ones are insipid compared to yours. Looking forward to trying them.

  17. Nan

    Beautiful buns! And one of my favorite posts ever. What a great job and nicely written. I’m sorry about the fish, I hope your dad can find the cause and fix it.

  18. Jeanne in Toledo

    Nathan – one of my favorite things to do is to cook with my 8 year old grandson – and he’s a really good cook! He does bread but his favorite is homemade sausage (he likes gooey sticky things) or cupcakes and cookies – because they’re yummy!
    He surprises a lot of people because not only is he a good cook (his homemade marinara, starting with fresh tomatoes, is superb!) but we think that people who cook are more into eating a variety of food. We think cooking makes you an adventurous eater! I wish all the other moms and grandmas would make a time, maybe once a week, and let their kids pick something to make – and make it with them. Sure, it may take longer, and may be messier – but what’s more important than spending time together making wonderful food? Also – kids who cook learn math skills and even reading skills (if they’re following recipes!) so it improves your mind too!
    Anyway – thanks for being a kid-cook ambassador! I look forward to seeing more recipes from you!

  19. Shirley

    Nathan, you are awesome! I think it is so sweet you plan on continuing with Steamy Kitchen. Your parents must be so proud of you. I am going to have to make these buns. You make it look so easy. Sorry about your Dad’s koi fish.

  20. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    Great job, Nathan! I think you picked a good recipe for your very first post. I’ve made a lot of recipes in my life, but I’ve never made hamburger buns! Now I can use your recipe! Keep up the good work 🙂

  21. Tish

    Hi, Nathan!

    Your hamburger buns look absolutely stellar! I would very much like to make them, but I have a couple of questions that maybe you or your mom might be able to answer for me.

    Must this dough be used right away, or can it be refrigerated for a couple days or so? I like the idea of some doughs that you can “take what you need for now”, and leave the rest refrigerated for tomorrow or the next day. Can this dough be frozen, and for how long?

    Thanks, Nathan and Jaden! Keep up the good work as we look forward to seeing more great recipes from you, both! 😉

    1. SteamyKitchen

      Hi Tish! You can refrigerate and use as needed 🙂 Yes, you can freeze the dough – place in ziploc bag, squeeze all air out of it and freeze. When you are ready to use, open the bag and just let it defrost. It will rise again in the bag – so make sure you open it up!

  22. WendyM

    Hello Nathan,
    I made these buns yesterday and they turned out great! Made with a few changes:
    1) used active dry yeast (because that’s what I had, ran out of instant yeast, so did the extra step of sprinkling the yeast in some of the water that I warmed up.)
    2) used a flax egg (1 T ground flax mused with 3 T water), to sub for the egg, due to egg allergy,
    3) divided dough into 16 balls, to make slider size buns. Perfect for us. Thus, baking time wound up to be 10-15 minutes.
    4) when I made the dough, used the full 1 cup of water, things to note, it was pretty humid in the PNW.
    5) my dough wound up going through two rises because it was rising nicely on the counter top, but then we had to go out, so I punched the dough, reshaped to a ball and stuck it in a covered plastic container in the fridge. When we came back, it had risen again, and that’s when I punched it down again and divided it into 16 flattened balls.
    It was fun to make! Thank you for your post.

  23. Michelle

    AWESOME JOB!!!!! I will totally read YOUR blog … you don’t have to wait to take over yo’ momma’s. Hmmmm…. Nate’s Cool Kitchen. There ya go! Mom makes it steamy and YOU make it COOL!

  24. Yelysaveta

    This was the cutest little food blog post I have seen. Nathan has a bright future ahead of him, loved the satirical mention about his dad and the koi. I hope that dad was able to solve the mystery of the dead koi. Thanks for sharing, my son and I will be making the buns for our next burger night!

  25. Maryann

    Nicely done, Nathan! Luv dem bun boobies. Those buns look and I bet taste waaaaay better than what I use.

  26. SueSchneid22

    Nathan- thanks so much for the recipe! My husband and I only need three buns at a time. Could these be frozen at any point before baking them? I have been trying to find a recipe like this. You did a great job! Thanks again!

  27. Gloria Katzman

    Nathan, what a beautiful looking bun. I bet they’d be great for sandwiches, too. I do have a question for your mom. Would you ask her what she would substitute for a gluten-free recipe? Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to your response. Keep cooking!

  28. linda

    Great post Nathan! I hope you will post again. I’ve never made my own buns before, but since they’re so easy I will definitely try it sometime.

  29. WendyM

    Hi Nathan! Thanks for the recipe! It truly is a great and easy recipe! I made it today with my kids and will have them make it on their own on the next batch. Alternations I made: I used 3 c all-purpose + 1/2 c whole wheat flour. And subbed the 1 egg with 1 T ground flax, because kid has an egg allergy, and used the total 1 c of water. Made slider size buns. Family is loving the buns! Thank you!

  30. Mike S.

    Good work Nathan!

    I have just one question. What is on the beautiful hamburger bun in the last picture? I want to eat it!


  31. Michelle

    So simple, yet so *beautiful* (if buns could be described as such); glad I came across this recipe. I’ll have to try it out on my own and perhaps bring a batch to a BBQ (say that ten times fast) or make some dough to freeze.

  32. ruth ramos

    awesome, thanks for sharing, my grandson loves to cook when he is over, i am teaching him to cook, (he is 11) and he loves it, he would love to make this bread.

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