Review: iDevices Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer


I love this thing! No more having to wonder if my timer went off (while I’m in a different room). My phone syncs with the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer and will zap me when the food is done (just kidding – it just beeps). Or how about when the grill is outside and you’re inside the house?!


Review of the iDevices Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer


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  1. Dee

    We’re so spoilt by technologies now days. No more “sorry I burned dinner, Dear. Let’s go out for pizza” excuse.

    1. SteamyKitchen

      You can use it to test oven temp, but you’ll get better results from a cheap $10 oven thermometer made specifically for that use.

  2. Beverly J Jefferson

    Food thermometers are normally the most used thermometers of all because individuals can use it daily simply to ensure that their food has the right temperature level for a much better taste and flavor.

  3. Shannon J. Perkins

    Most of us who loves to cook food use a food thermometer, this is because we want to make sure that the food we cooked was at the proper temperature and has that perfect delicious taste. Thanks for this helpful review!

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