Best Giveaway Ever: Club Med Vacation!


Contest is over… check out the winner here!

You know how much I love vacations, but free vacations are the bomb! Well,  thanks to Club Med, I’m giving away a seven night stay at Club Med Punta Cana for two people for upcoming Food and Wine Festival at the recently renovated Club Med Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, September 27 to October 4, 2009.

Club Med Punta Cana will be having its Food and Wine Festival and we’d love to host you! Come enjoy 7 days of Club Med pampering and sample some of the most exquisite meals prepared by over 12 celebrity chefs, including Chef Hubert Keller and many other notable chefs . Each day, you can participate in cooking classes, mixology classes and fabulous dinners.

Being a food writer for Club Med has been one of the best gigs ever, are especially when I host friends and can give away a deserving vacation to one of you.

How to enter the Club Med Giveaway

You can enter once a day, every day until June 15. To enter, go to my post on 090410_club-med-punta-cana_489_web Buffet Food Fight and gimme your best food fight tip!

For a bonus entry, follow @clubmedcuisine (that’s Kate- Club Med’s PR director!) and send her a little tweet.

Good luck and maybe I’ll see you at Club Med!

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  1. Maria

    does this mean that i entered into the contest?
    Or do i have to go on the website thing?

  2. Stephanie

    Best food fight option is to stock up on bread products! They make the best projectiles without leaving you messy like mashed potaoes do. I have 3 younger brothers….I know!!!!!

  3. Lee

    Have never been to the Dominican Republic, so it would be a wonderful treat to experience a new place plus cooking lessons from renowned chefs.

  4. Holly

    Thanks for such a great giveaway Jaden! Headed to enter now but I just had to tell you how perfectly awesome your boys look in that picture where they are such buddies!

  5. Jee

    Jaden, you TOTALLY ROCK!!
    I entered for the fun of it even though I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to make it or not… (being in school sucks – especially on occasions like these)
    I love the Korean BBQ on wonton crisp recipe –
    I’m gonna try the crispy wonton recipe with my mom’s infamous Korean BBQ pork recipe. 🙂

    Thank you Jee! You can always give away the prize if you win! ~j

  6. zimmom

    loved your brocoli with beef recipe and look forward to trying out more recipes this summer!

  7. Truc

    Kosher pickles or hotdogs! I just think it’s funny to throw phallic looking objects at people!

  8. zimmom

    club med… would love to go, but for a food and wine festival, would be over the moon to win!

  9. dena

    The vacations starts on Yom Kipuur, the most important Jewish holiday! There’s no way I can go, not to mention many other blog fans. Who picked the dates for the contest?

  10. gertrude

    I am on person who never win anything. I am going to try my luck again. It would be nice to win this. My husband and I really need a vacation.

  11. Justopia

    Sticky is key. Load up a tortilla with guacamole for a guac-bomb. It can easily stick to a forehead and become a vehicle for someone to help lick off, gracefully, of course. And voila! A new Club Med friendship is born. Honey on a sopapilla would work quite well for a sweeter effect. 🙂

  12. anna

    Arg, I was all like “oh I should get in on this” but I’ll be in pastry school and my goal is to not miss any classes. So no vacation-entering for me. 🙁

  13. Teenage Glutster

    This would be a turning point in my life–as a whole–seriously.

    and food fight?

    over-cooked spaghetti man in super sweet sauce, sweet starch-snowballs as I like to call them, don’t ask how.


  14. amy hoang

    Ask if anyone would like a taste of your cream pie. If you get a positive response, pick up some cream pie with your hand and toss it over to the person making the request.

  15. A

    Is the something wrong with the website to enter into the contest? I have tried at least 10 times today and it will not allow me to access.

    It seems their site is down?! I don’t know but I’ll try to find out. ~jaden

  16. Radka

    Wow, I thought there would be hundreds of people submitting their comments every day. Maybe luck will smile at us. Thank you, Jaden!

  17. Kat

    Wow, this is near my anniversary!!

    The best for a buffet food fight is cocktail shrimp dipped in spicy cocktail sauce!

  18. deborah

    I’ve been waiting to enter since I saw you chatting it up on Twitter last month! And I end up being away from home when you offer this fab trip!
    Oh, let it be me…please?

  19. Michelle Machado

    That is right around my 10yr wedding anniversary. Would love to surprise the hubby. We are total foodies, and never get vacations. Please let it be us!

  20. Carole

    Holy cow, what a giveaway! I’d blog from the resort/event on a daily basis (yes, I’m that much of a geek, but I’ve done it in the past – see my website).

    Remember that food fight scene in the movie, Animal House? When Belushi puts a huge cottage cheese ball in his mouth, turns to his friends and mutters, “See if you can guess what I am now?”

    They look at him quizically, convinced he’s insane. Like missles, his hands slap his cheeks and the food explodes out of his mouth. Nothin’ like a warm splattering of cottage cheese. Ew!

    He triumphantly tells them, “I’m a zit. Get it?”

  21. deborah

    I so want to win this fab vacation give-away…let it be me! I could use a vacation like nobody’s business 🙂

  22. Carlene

    Marshmallows, dipped in honey, covered with sesame seeds. What a wonderful give- away….I could soooo use a vacation.!

  23. Charm

    Your recipes have been a GOD-send to me! I tried the Pho recipe and it was fabulous! You don’t know how much I miss eating such great Asian food! West Texas sucks! I highly DON’T recommend it!

    Club Med? Is it sad that I’ve only heard about it once before this? Good review of course…but that’s how much my little town sucks. You make it sound unbelievably amazing though! Congrats to the people who win!

  24. Charm

    I would make the ground as slick as possible with melted butter for lobster as my starting point. Bringing them down is half the battle! Then you have to get ’em where it hurts! Hard-boiled egg grenades need to be hurled everywhere. Pudding needs to be flung at any and every moving target…right in the face preferably. Gotta get them to where they can’t see the butter on the floor. Then I’d take some rolls, sliced enough to fill them up with the thickest sludge (a.k.a more pudding or gravy–and NOT the white stuff! It’s gotta be brown!), and then dunk them in water before hurling them everywhere! Apples are a deadly weapon, and should only be used on snotty evil people who act like they’re better than you. Mashed potatoes should be tossed by buttered hands and wiped ruthlessly on surprised oponents. And lastly, hawaiian punch or whatever colorful drink should be used to “wash” everything down! …and um…no…I’ve never been in a food fight! *wink*

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