Sparkling Sake + $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Is there nothing better than me bribing you to learn about Artisan Japanese Sake?! πŸ˜‰

My client, Vine Connections is an importer and distributor of sake…and by now I hope you’ve learned that not all Japanese sake is created equal. That hot, cheap stuff that you might have tried at a Japanese restaurant is crap. It burns like lighter fluid down your throat and I can’t drink that stuff…unless I’m playing a drinking game….because that’s the point of a drinking game, right? The alcohol in play has to be crap, otherwise “losing” is actually enjoyable! Okay, so here’s my recommendation.

Otherwise, I suggest you give good quality, artisan-made, chilled Japanese sake a try. Or perhaps I can convince you to try sparkling sake2me!





Sparkling Sake – sake2me

3 1/2 years ago, Jeffrey Smith had a vision of combining an easy-to-drink, lightly sparkling beverage that was made with premium Japanese sake. He quit his boring 9 to 5 (um. more like 5 to 9) job at a private equity firm and joined forces with wine and Japanese sake veterans at Vine Connections to come up with Asian-inspired flavors.

Every week, they’d get together and play with different flavors to see what would 1) taste great but also 2) have the flavor complexities that wine-connoisseurs would appreciate. A pic of the dining room experiments…with 60 different flavors on the table to play with! There’s Jeffrey on the far left.


From the 60 flavors, they got down to the top 8 flavor combination…and then whittled it down to the fab four sparkling sake flavors:

sake2me Sparkling Sake Flavors

Ginger-Mango: “Refreshing” Ginger has a refreshing and clean flavor and has been prized for its medicinal properties in traditional health practices for centuries. The Mango’s fleshy, sweet, sensual fruit flavor pairs well with the spicy ginger.

Green Tea: “Crisp, Pure, Clean” A blend of Asian green teas with notes of lemongrass and wildflower honey; well known for its antioxidant qualities.

Yuzu Citrus: “Tangy Citrus Fruit” Lemony citrus aroma with a hint of orange peel and mint; a rare, fragrant Japanese citrus fruit.

Asian Pear: “Sweet, Ripe” Ripe, juicy pear with subtle brown spice aromatics.

And here is Jeffrey holding the very first bottle of sake2me that came off the production line:


The first BOX of sake2me was born!! Awww…how cute.


sake2me sparkling sake became a BIG HIT…just last month they were featured on the Today Show! I love when dreams come true.



What I love about sake2me is that it’s all-natural, gluten-free and even the box is made of recycled materials.

So what does sake2me taste like? It’s lightly sparkling, fresh natural flavors and very little sugar. It’s NOT that sweet, syrupy, overly fizzy drink that you’d find in other drinks. Instead, it’s clean and refreshing. Would you like to try it?

Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

amazon-gift-cardI wish I could send you each a bottle of sake2me…but (ahem) something about shipping alcohol…I’d probably piss off those pesky people at the Bureau of Alcohol. So, instead I’m giving away $100 Amazon Gift Card — just because I appreciate you reading through this post and learning about sparkling sake.

Here’s how to play. In the comments below, tell me which is your favorite sake2me sparkling sake flavor…



A random winner will be chosen on my birthday, August 8th! Enter once please! Game Over! Winner has been announced already!

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  1. Kristen

    I’d have to go with green tea…you see so many citrus options, but this flavor is much more unique (and totally japanese!)

  2. Mia W

    I think the citrus would be my choice – the bite would probably complement the sake the best… excited at the prospect!

  3. Alison

    As much as love citrus in my food, I love in in sake. It really was such a surprise that I actually liked it after my previous sake experiences.

  4. scrapper al

    All the flavors sound yummy, but I think the Green Tea and Yazu Citrus sound the best! Good luck to Sake2me!

  5. Dynila

    Decisions, decisions…

    I’d have to go with the Yuzu citrus, because I love lemon. If they were out of that, well… I love ginger, but never tried a mango, so a combination of the two in alcohol form is as good a way as any…

  6. Jeanne

    Sweet!!!!!! Ginger Mango for sure! Yum!!!
    Happy August birthday–I’m August too – on the 25th! Hope your day is GREAT!

  7. Lucinda

    I’m going Ginger-Mango and I’m not looking back.

    Growing up in America with a Thai mother, my family feasted on anything that reminded them of the home country, which of course spotlighted mango.

    I’m looking forward to having two of my favorite things combined and ready to go, mango and alcohol. Can’t wait to try some!

  8. Diana

    Asian pear! I love that flavor in almost anything. Except maybe pizza. I dunno, maybe it could work.

  9. Artsygal

    Oh oh oh! Ginger mango for me all the way! I love that combination. And I love ginger mixed with booze.. ginger martinis anyone? Pick me, pretty please?

  10. Ellen Crane

    Hi there.. I haven’t had an opportunity to try any of the Sake2Me flavors yet because I live in a very rural part of the country. I do love Sake however and these sound like fun. Husband and I are driving to Little Rock on Saturday, so we’ll check out a liquor store along the way. My first choice to try would be either the Green Tea or the Ginger-Mango. I must say the Asian Pear sounds intriguing too.

    Thanks for letting us know about Sake2Me.


  11. Ashley

    I’m really into anything ginger right now, so my vote goes to Ginger Mango. Seems like the kick from the ginger would cut through the sweetness of the mango well. I’m going to have to give this a try! Thanks!

  12. Rebecca

    mmmm… Ginger mango sounds yummy and an interesting combination. I love the flavor of ginger so I’ll go with that one!

  13. Sandy

    Green Tea with the lemongrass and wild flower honey sounds awesome. That’s the one I would try first! (And then the others, because they all sound great.)

  14. Paula

    I think the Ginger Mango would be my favorite. anything mango is good, anything ginger is good….so it has to be a winning combination, right?

  15. Tonya

    I would probably love to try Asian Pear 1st. I just had sparkling sake for the 1st time about a week ago. We do the hot sake drinking game at our local sushi bar on 99 cent sake bottle of sake night. And it is BAAAD!

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