The most beautiful….

…interactive website I’ve ever seen….and it has nothing to do with food! Can you translate some of the song for me?

Soy Tu Aire


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  1. chef gui

    Jaden, here is my translation (i’m french; not spanish so be nice) of that song. Don’t take it personally: you’re married and so am i :).

    I知 your air
    I知 made of water
    I make lines
    Tiny ones
    In wax
    Madly in love
    Of your desire
    I fall little by little, very slowly
    In your titillations
    i get used to, I annoy you, and you laugh
    and I melt in this affair without calling
    without telling anyone
    I知 your air
    I知 your water
    You drink me
    I choke you
    You breath me
    I splash you
    You swallow me
    And you entertain me, I play a little with your memories
    Which I take in my underskirt
    I shred your complaints and create mad fantasies
    And I mistake your memory for the tip of my kisses.
    I come from air
    I come from water
    I come from air
    I come from water
    Free falling
    Don稚 tie me up
    So I can escape
    Through your fingers
    Insensitive I convert the impossible into inthinkable
    And I build into insecurity
    An improvised future
    In which one and one don稚 make two
    And whoever is left over is extra and becomes nobody
    I知 your air
    I知 your water

    wow, wow, wow, this IS a STEAMY kitchen alright!

    talk soon.

  2. Dee


    I知 made of air,
    I知 made of water.
    I make tiny furrows on the melted wax of your desire.
    And, slowly, very slowly, I come into your tickles.
    I make myself comfortable, I put you out to make you laugh.
    And I sneak into this mess without knocking, without any warning.
    I知 your air,
    I知 your water.
    You drink me, you chock on me, you breath me, I splash you, you swallow me.
    And I linger, I play in your memories for a while, I put them under my petticoat.
    I tear your wails to shreds, I create crazy fantasies
    And I confuse your memory with the tip of my kisses.
    I belong to air,
    I belong to water.
    I belong to air,
    I belong to water.
    I fly free, don稚 tie me down, cause I値l slip through your fingers.
    Impassive, I turn impossible into unexpected just for you
    And I build an improvised future on the insecure things
    Where one and one don稚 make two, and the others are unwanted
    And they are no one, no one, no one, no one anymore.
    I知 your air,
    I知 your water.
    I知 your air,
    I知 yor water.

  3. Kamran Siddiqi

    Lovely song! If I would have seen this post just a little bit earlier, I would have translated the whole thing for you. Anyhow, that website is great and so is the song. 沽

  4. Kiki

    Oh, it makes me want to paint again! How beautiful! I think I’m going to be listening to this all day now…

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