Friday Favorites

  1. Strawberry ShortcakeA man’s heart is through his stomach, not his laundry! This Halloween, ditch the French Maid Costume, how about a sexy-ishy Strawberry Shortcake.



  3. fiji-meat-man This is an actual commercial from Fiji for the Fiji Meat Man. Can you imagine if this ran in the U.S.!??? Creepola!




  5. Heffer PitcherMust have for milk-lovers: an udderly cool pitcher.




  7. Muppet MeatFor your next dinner party, serve your guest Muppet meat. Hilarious video.




  9. anthony-bourdainGuess who Anthony Bourdain has a man-crush on?






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  1. Dani

    Loved the Muppet meat video. Don’t think I’m going to be eating pork for awhile after watching the Fiji Meat Man, though.

  2. Alta

    Fiji Meat Man is awesome. Funny how other cultures celebrate meat like that – we Americans would rather not know what goes into what we eat! Hahaha. That big vat of meat paste (what was that, bologna stuff?) did look kinda gross though!

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