Bring home the bacon, baby!

Scott is a semi-professional poker player -and I say “semi” because:

a) he’s got a computer business he tends to 10am-6pm and he plays poker in the evening after the boys go to bed

b) I think my mother would freak out if she thought my husband, the man of the house, provided for the family with proceeds from gambling because that “G” word is an evil word that forces people into uncontrollable addictions and bankruptcies. We’ll lose everything we have and OMG be forced to eat canned meats, buy single-ply toilet paper and give up Haagen Daz for the rest of our lives. Oh. The. Horror.

But in reality, we’ve lived off his poker earnings for the past 4 years. Scott is awesome at poker, and he treats his game just like a business, constantly tracking ROI, his play stats and making sure to never dip above 5% of his bankroll in any given day. He’s got a system down that I would never be able to understand. The man has self control like I’ve never seen before. Would it help to know that he went to West Point Military Academy for college and continued on in the Army as some leader dude of a bunch of big green tanks? He’s a TRAINED SOLDIER.

We could not be more opposite…let me give you an example:

Jaden on hour 1, day 1 of diet: Chocolate? I smell chocolate. Where? Where? Who’s got chocolate? Don’t make me reach down your throat and tie your esophagus in a knot. I NEEEEEEED CHOOOOOCCCOOOOLLAAAATTTTEE. GIMMMMMMEEEEEEE. NOOOOOWWWWW.

Scott on day 12 of a 5-day fast: FORCE FIELD. ACTIVATED.



The best part of his military precision, is how Scott folds laundry:

FRONT VIEW:……………………………………………TOP VIEW:



nice, neat even rectangles. Very little deviation from shape or size. (the kids were wondering why I took a pic of their pajamas)

So, back to the story. Scott, my awesome trained-soldier, precision-folding, semi-professional poker playing husband, won a $10K entry into the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. So, he’s heading off to Vegas to play the big tournament, where first prize is something like $8 million.

The tournament is televised…well, they have the cameras rolling but it won’t be televised for a few weeks after that because all the super smart (BUT SOOOO UNSEXY) poker analysts have to go through the reels and pick out the highlights amongst the 7,000 players. And when they do….my husband will be wearing this shirt:

If any of you will be playing at the World Series of Poker and see this man:

Wearing that shirt above….

BACK THE HELL OFF! My baby’s bringing home $8 million!!


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  1. Joscie

    You are so funny! I love the precision folding, and the fact he’s going to pimp your blog and bring home the bacon. I’ll be rooting him on! πŸ™‚

  2. GeekMommy

    So he’s playing main event? I’ve got friends who play WSOP… it’s one of my ‘someday’ goals. I love Texas Hold ‘Em – but my friends are all devoted Omaha or Hi-Lo fiends…

    Tell you husband that when I was in Vegas for my 40th during WSOP 2 yrs ago a couple days before the main event, I was playing BlackJack late at night and Joe Hacham sat down next to me. He was taking a break from having dropped about $5k playing poker right before that. Wished him luck in main event, but that wasn’t his year… :\

    Will cross fingers for you that he makes it to final table – everyone at final table walks home with enough to make it more than worthwhile! πŸ™‚

  3. rita

    girl, these are the few times that i wish we have an english or an american TV channel vs 25 german channels we have. just so i can, specifically, watch the show. oh well. i hope he wins!!!!

    Viel Glόck!(good luck!)

  4. Sowjanya

    Good luck to Scott ( not that he needs it).

    Don’t forget to shoot us a reminder when it’s televised.

    So, when he brings home the $8 mil, you getting your own asian cooking channel ????

  5. Syd

    West Point and precision folding? Hell, I’m a lesbian, and I *still* want him.

    Good luck winning the pot!!!!

  6. Ann

    GO Mr. Jaden! I mean SCOTT! This is so cool, I hope he wins big. My hubby loves poker too and what a dream to be in a big tourny. And, being an adoring hubby – my hub would also pimp my blog too. GO SCOTT!

  7. dp

    I better not tell my husband how excited you are about Scott playing poker. He’ll get jealous. I wouldn’t mind at all if hubby was good enough to actually win…anything.

    Good luck to Scott!

  8. Grifola frondosa

    Good luck Scott, but… be careful what you wish for.

    Have you really sat down and thought about what Jaden would do with the prize money.

    We (the online posters)can give you 8 million ideas on how life would change… nannies, au pairs (one for each of the boys), professional chef and a full time chocolatier on staff just for starters.

  9. Ed

    Now all you need to do is start training him on mahjong, where he’d better NOT bluff. (Do either of you know how to play, btw?) Just to balance everything out, you know.

  10. daphne

    The laundry thing is too good to be true. U hv a husband that fold laundry!?!
    Love the T-shirt btw! Scott, go get it!

  11. Holly

    Yay!! Go Scott go! Now I’ll have to watch for him in the tournament. My hubs loves watching it anyway! Keep us posted!

  12. Elle

    Your husband is awesome! But don’t worry, I’ve got my own awesome husband, so I’m not after yours, lol.

    And we LOVE that Muppet song! We drive our kids crazy with it. They just don’t get it.

  13. Carrie Hasson

    Oh how funny, I was gonna say let’s get together for poker cuz we LOVE poker but nevermind… your husband is one serious player! We were actually in Vegas during the WSOP a few years ago and it was super cool. People walk around the tables and watch like the players are animals in a zoo. Hopefully he doesn’t come home smelling like an ashtray, or if he does it will be with some cold hard cash in that ashtray! As you know my hubs is in the mil. and whenver he leaves we compete to see who can get in the best shape. Let’s just say everyday I end up “starting over”…I wish I had HALF of his discipline. But I take it as a challenge- I don’t like to lose!
    Good luck to your hubby and great marketing idea Jaden!

  14. Jaded

    Hey Jaden good luck with the WSOP! I’m a poker player too and I wouldn’t even consider myself in the same league as the amateurs. I suck at it and only play for fun with friends. I’m impressed that your husband plays professionally! I will be tuning into this tournament just to see that shirt you’re making him wear haha! I would so do the same thing!! πŸ˜€

  15. Ric

    lol! Well, despite me being at Canoe U., and him from Castle Grayskull , I still wish him luck. But if he’s at the same table as Chris Ferguson, I have to root for Chris; we were friends in grad school.

  16. Natalie

    lol! the laundry thing made me laugh…one day I came home from work to find my boyfriend folded all of my laundry, including my socks and underwear! So much nicer than my usual cram-and-stuff-into-drawer method…

    Good luck to Scott!!

  17. dena

    My hubby watches the poker shows. This will be the first time I’ll be watching with him. Tell yours good luck, break a leg, whatever is the correct phrase!
    PS my hubby folds the laundry the same precise way. Even the undies.

  18. Paula

    Go Scott! Does he keep his cards precisely arranged x width apart in his hand, too? Your post made me laugh, which means I’ll be routing for your hubby! Good luck!

  19. finsbigfan

    Oh good luck Scott! My husband loves (LOVES!!!!!) poker. He tried for the entry for a few months and came thisclose a couple of times, but sadly no. We have been following the tourny online. Hope he takes out a couple of big names and brings home the dough!!

  20. Mark

    Haha classic Jaden. You should change the tag line though and wear it next time you have a TV appearance!

  21. Lynn

    Your man folds laundry? You are a lucky lady! But then, he gets you, so he’s pretty lucky himself. I hope he brings home the goods from LV!

  22. Wade

    Jaden, you always have me rolling somehow. Good Luck Scott…….just remember, ARMY stands for “Aint Really Marines Yet”……..LOL

  23. Madeline

    Ahahaha, I love it, bring home the 8 million, Whoooooooo! Now, will you still continue to write this blog when you are a millionaire? God, I hope so.

  24. Nicole

    Good grief… I sure hope you sent him with more than ONE T-Shirt. If he’s going to be playing all the way to the head table, he’s going to need more than one or he’s going to smell!

    I’m heading over to the WSOP site to see if he’s on there anywhere! Good luck!

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