Friday Favorites

  1. ultimatebreakfastFeeling lazy? The Ultimate Breakfast Machine will deliver continental breakfast at the push of a button. Only problem — no bacon.
  2. squeezable-decorating-kitThese are meant for baking, but colorful dual-compartment squeezy bottles SCREAM ketchup + mustard. Two condiments, two bottles? So passe.
  3. potatoPo-tay-to, Po-tah-to. Thought you knew what those tubers were all about? Think again.
  4. guy-fieriHitchcock’s The Birds meets Guy’s Big Bite for a tragic ending in this hilarious SNL skit.
  5. candy-foosballYou say it’s for the kids, but really who can pass up a gumball machine + foosball table rolled into one.
  6. atomic-foodAnd ending on an upbeat note — try this music video for your next jazzercise session.

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  1. The Teacher Cooks

    I love the blue potatoes. Did not buy them at the grocery though. I order organic vegetables from our local CSA and get fresh vegetables once a week. Some of them I have to do some research on how to prepare them. The blue potatoes add alot of color and conversation to a meal.

  2. Rachael

    That SNL skit still has me cracking up! I’m saving that one for the future when I need a laugh…I don’t think that will ever get old.

  3. Maricris

    I love the squeezy bottles! Even I will enjoy them. Talk about the colors too! Fabulous.
    I’m gonna check your recipes. I’m looking for quick, fast as lightning speed ( is there such a thing?) recipes that I can whip up on a very tight schedule.

  4. rita

    the breakfast machine has a good concept. but for someone who’s totally not a morning person, it looks like it still needs manual work. LOL! i thought, it would be something like from the Jetsons. hee-hee.

    sometimes, it’s not easy living in germany. i can’t downstream the SNL clip. oh well.

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