Having a Demi Moore Moment

Last night, Scott came home after being away for a week playing the World Series of Poker main event in Las Vegas. Out of 6844 players, he finished 466th, earning a very nice prize package of $27,000. I am so very proud of Scott, as this is his first time playing such a big live tournament.

Normally, when Scott plays poker, it’s late at night in his office at home. He’s wearing his baby blue striped pajama bottoms that I bought him for Christmas last year, grey fuzzy slippers and a ratty shirt that says, “I luv my daddy.” His hair is usually messy and he has a can of diet coke with a bowl of microwaved sweet butter popcorn by his side.

So last night when we got home, Scott showed me the link to the WSOP photos – as we scanned the thousands of photos from the event, I didn’t even recognize his photo.


My goofy, gentle elephant got swallowed up in that black hat and sunglasses! Check out that fierce poker face!

Remember this Shirt shirt that I made for him? Yes, he wore it, but not while playing because Scott won his WSOP entry through Full Tilt Poker and the deal was that if Scott ever appeared on the TV broadcast wearing Full Tilt gear, they’d award him $10,000.

Let’s see.

SteamyKitchen.com’s marketing budget = $13.48
Full Tilt Poker = $10,000

I was outbid. Bastards!

Anyways, the first three days of poker playing was a race for the players to get into the money. 6,844 players and only the top 666 players would get paid. Scott was low on chips for most of the tournament and definitely the smallest at his table amongst massive stacks. I think they called that “pretty much fucked,” but he survived and played his “short stack strategy” by not letting the others bully him around.

Yeah. You certainly don’t mess with a guy looking that fierce!

When he finally busted out – and for you poker players, he went all in with AA and was beat by QQ’s when a queen fell on the turn. (translation: bad stinkin’ luck)

But WOW, what an accomplishment to go out at 466th place! Scott told me that once he was in the money (meaning reaching past 666th), everything else was gravy on top. After he busted out, a tournament runner escorted him to the payout room, where he filled out all the necessary tax forms to get paid.

The tournament cashier offered him his prize amount in every way possible: any combination of cash, chips, check, wire transfer, money deposit at the Rio Casino or just a big hug and pat on the back. They’re easy like that.

Of course, after enduring some of the most intense few days, Scott said it kinda seemed anti-climactic to just get a small piece of paper with some writing on it as a receipt for the wire transfer. So, he chose to get a wad of cash. Specifically, a BIG wad of cash. And so when he came home last night, after we put the kids to bed, we had our own little Demi Moore/Woody Harrelson Indecent Proposal moment.

Climactic for sure.


I know you’re all wondering what we’re going to do with the $27K – I mean it’s a lot of money, and certainly more than we’ve ever had to just hanging around with no agenda. After much thought and deliberation, we’ve decided that the best thing to do – the RIGHT thing to do – was to be very responsible parents. I’m getting a boob job.

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  1. Single Guy Chef

    Dang Jaden, I bet your husband wished you didn’t spill his secret of playing poker in pajama bottoms and fluffy slippers. πŸ™‚

    So I guess you’re betting for a higher placement next year, huh? Maybe you should go with him and wear a slinky dress to distract the other players!

  2. Ann

    Woo HOOOO, BOOBAGE!!! Way to go HUBBY! How fun is that? Good luck with the new Chesticles if you get them. Heck, at that rate – I think you can afford a food fluffer too! πŸ™‚

  3. Cakebrain

    yup…and that’s why I tell the kids not to play with money. You never know where it’s been.
    btw. your hubby’s hot; i can only imagine how luscious he is in fuzzy slippers and a ratty t-shirt
    take my word for it, you don’t want DD cups cause they get in the way like hanging melons from your neck. if i had the money, i’d get a boob reduction! buy the bubble wrap like someone suggested…that way you can stuff your bra with it AND you can have fun with it later! so versatile.

  4. Elle

    Congrats to Scott for his win and to you for your impending boob job. I wonder if Hallmark has a card for those two things?

  5. jamie anne

    WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! new Boobs!!! kid’s college fund? revamp the house? pay off the mortgage…? Boobs. hahahaha! go for the Boobs!
    congrats to Scott for the big win… and the “fierce poker-face”? … niiiiiice.

  6. Farina

    Jaden, i kno im late but pls do convey my congrats to Scott. πŸ˜‰ 466th is damn good! we’v also dreamed of entering the wsop and its still a dream. lol.

  7. Kristen

    Wah-hoo! I actually knew three people in the WSOP this year. One got up to what we were told was a $250,000 prize. Not bad, not bad πŸ™‚
    Glad to see poker night paying off for some people!

  8. The Urban Eater

    Dinner on you guys! Congrats Scott! That’s awesome. Greg really needs to start putting his poker skills to good use.

    Yeahhhhhh, booooobbbiiiieeesss!!!!!!

  9. Flanboyant Eats

    get it girl!!! my father said once he’d disown me if i ever got an augmentation! lol! congrats! that’s major dough for you to enjoy! I have some kitchen needs if you want to throw a few hundred my way!

    again, congrats!! πŸ™‚


  10. Kathy

    (Looks like ‘Simply Gluten Free’ above is as funny as Jaden!)

    Well, all I can say is, that it brings a whole new meaning to ‘busting out’ of the compeTITion.

  11. Tracy

    WOW! That’s quite a take! And he looks very fierce in his photo.
    Myself, I’d get a tummy tuck. To each his own.

  12. veron

    wait… a boob job does not cost that much…there’s money left over. Since I am you sister-in-blog can I have mine done too? πŸ˜‰ Seriously , Jaden, you crack me up!

  13. kellypea

    Huh-LAR-eous! My husband plays Full Tilt, too, so I had him read this. The sound effects while he was reading were somewhat like those made when he plays. Especially on the part where you tell about the two queens. Nice job on the 27K. Since pennies are bet here, I’m thinking any kind of a tourney here is out of the question. Boob job? Bwhahahahaha!

  14. Keith van Dijk

    The minister for finance passed this on to me,she’s a great fan of your site.

    I play a bit of poker too, reckon you should be darned proud of your bloke, he’s done well, that’s a big pond and it’s full of sharks.
    Good on him and good on you.

  15. love2bbitten

    LOL… I love you – you’ve got to be the most real blogger out there… esp food blogger!

    So did you get the boobs?

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