Book Tour in NYC!

view at 6:30am, 35th floor at Westin Times Square

Well, yesterday officially started Day 1 of the Steamy Kitchen Cookbook book tour with a 5-day stop in NYC! I’ve been to the city 5 times this year already, and I’m hoping that next time I’ll get some kind of frequent visitor perk, like maybe a personal navigator, as the public transportation system is confusing and a bit scary for someone who gets lost even going to the grocery store.

Yesterday, I was the M.C. for the Dumpling Festival (more on that later…lots of pics…)

Today: Barnes & Noble

If you’re in town, I’d love to see you. This afternoon (Sunday 10/25) I’ll be at Barnes & Noble on 86th & Lexington between 3:00pm and 4:00pm signing books and giving away some cool cat gifts. In fact, I’m giving away these gifts at EACH book signing event throughout the Steamy Kitchen Book Tour.

  • scanpan-sauteScanpan CTX Saute Pan courtesy of Scanpan. This nonstick saute pan is PFOA-free, can sear, braise and brown and the best part is that you can use metal utensils without ever damaging the pan. Love this guy. I know you will too. I’m giving away one!
  • macspeech MacSpeech Dictate – my secret weapon.
  • earthy $50 gift certificate to
  • chefs 40 gift bags from Chefs Catalog! Wanna know what’s in the gift bag?! There’s a small kitchen knife in there, a nice shiny, sharp one that I’m sure would look great in your kitchen! Your dull knife will be jealous.
  • chefs-catalog-gift-certificate $100 gift certificate from Chefs Catalog

So, please come by and say hi and share a few laughs with me!


Monday: Today Show

TODAY-SHOWOn Monday morning, during the 4th hour of the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda, I’ll be cookin! Both ladies will be in the kitchen with me and we’re making Korean-Style Burgers; Kimchi Fried Rice and Pork and Mango Potstickers.

Oh, you bet I’m nervous! It will be my first big-time national thing. In fact, I’m going to the Today Show studios tonight at 4:30pm for rehearsal. Yes! Rehearsal for a 3 1/2 minute cooking segment! It’s tightly choreographed, like a dance, and well…you don’t want to goof up on national television, right?!

The 4th hour is on a different times in different cities. Here in NYC, it’s on at 10am-11am. In my home market in Florida, it runs at 12pm on NBC.

The cooking segment is the VERY LAST SEGMENT on the show, if any major news happens, guess what gets bumped. So, please, BALLOON BOY’S PARENTS: JUST STAY HOME AND STEP AWAY FROM THE UFO.


Tuesday: Judith Regan Show on Sirius

judith-reganI’ll be on the The Judith Regan Show on Sirius XM! channel 103 during the 3pm hour.


Wednesday: Martha Stewart Radio

martha-stewart-radioDuring the 10am hour on Sirius XM Channel 112, I’ll be on the Martha Stewart Radio Show with Terri Trespicio

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  1. Veep Veep

    I’m stopping by to say Hi and to wish you luck on The Today Show. I know you will be great. Maybe the next time I’m at Daytime, you will be there as well πŸ™‚

  2. Dawn Viola

    Whoohooooo! What an exciting week for you!! Don’t be nervous, Jaden. You’re a pro at this, and you’re filling a giant void in the food world. You’ll be GREAT!

  3. the domestic mama

    Oh! I have butterflies for you! …you will be fine though! Thanks for making me laugh about balloon boy! Now, ya simply must add West Palm to your tour! PLEEEEEAAAASE?! πŸ™‚

  4. meeso

    I’m happy to say, I ordered your book from Amazon yesterday and I can’t wait to try some of the recipes! Ah, Jaden, your life is much more exciting than mine πŸ˜€

  5. MikeW

    I’m in central New Jersey, was hoping to make it in to meet you live but work is intruding.

    Aha! So I’m NOT the only person who has issues with the New York City subway system. All the times I’ve been in the city and I still have problems finding my way around. I find it easier to deal with mass transit in Tokyo — even though I don’t read Japanese.

  6. [email protected]

    Best of luck with your book tour and tv appearance. I’m sure you’ll do beautifully! Wish I was in the area!

  7. Sues

    So much fun! I think I could probably spend every day for the rest of my life in NYC and STILL not get to do everything I want. Good luck with the tour πŸ™‚

  8. Ashley

    Hi Jaden,
    It was awesome seeing you at the book signing. I’m totally writing this with the text-to-speech program that my husband won. The book looks beautiful and I’m psyched that we saw you at your very first book signing! And kudos for threatening to kick that guy’s ass for talkin’ smack and then winning a gift card haha! YOU ROCK!! Best of luck tomorrow morning!

  9. GCS

    I laughed out loud when I read the comment about Balloon Boy’s parents. Stand back from the UFO….you are funny.

  10. Susan D.

    How bummed am I for not testing one of those recipes in your now famous cookbook??? Verrryy…sheesh… Congratulations!!

  11. The Teacher Cooks

    Cannot wait to get your cookbook on Tuesday!!! Taped the Today show so that I can watch it after work. Also taping it for my class to watch tomorrow. They are excited. Have fun.

  12. Alta

    Much congratulations! Have fun, and when you have 2 seconds, make sure you kick back and relax a bit, you’re gonna need it! I’m still wishing I could be there in NYC for the book signing and to get a chance at some cool prizes!

  13. Erin

    Great job on The Today Show! Food looked awesome! Congrats on the cookbook as well! Love, love the hangover cure!

  14. andreea

    jaden, congratulations! the book looks and sounds wonderful. what i wouldn’t give to be around for one of your book signing – but for the moment i am stuck in rainy Belgium. not a chnace you are planning to include Brussels on your book tour eh?! πŸ™‚
    hope all is going well with the book tour. it’s on my top list of books to get at the moment!!!
    best of luck – am so happy for you

  15. Vee W


    I actually saw you at the Rockfeller Center outside the NBC studios, taking pics with a gf. How exciting because I happened to be visiting NYC that Monday and I met you in person so far away from Milwaukee. Didn’t quite want to bug you, so hubby and I didn’t quite stop to say hi. Sorry I missed the book signing though because I had to take care of some personal matters. Have fun during your book signing tour!!!

    ~ Vee

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