Making a SteamyKitchen fashion statement

This weekend, we decided to take the kids to DisneyWorld to celebrate Andrew’s 5th birthday. I had absolutely nothing to do with Scott’s selection of attire and this just goes to show you how much this man loves me, by wearing the SteamyKitchen shirt that I made him.

Traveling with kids and especially going to theme parks where it takes 3 hours just to walk back to your car because you have to catch the train to catch the monorail to catch the parking tram to then forget where you parked your car in the sea of 50,000 minivans and then head back to the park the same way. So you want to make sure you’ve got it all and when the kids were babies, we used to pack everything in 30 foot trailer and drag that behind us rickshaw style. Yes, I was one of those freakish parents who wanted to be prepared for any situation. Hungry for deep fried ice cream with bubblegum jewels while pretending to be a pirate? I’ve got you covered.

And every year that goes by, we are able to lug less and less. No more diapers, wipes, strollers and 5 changes of clothing. We’ve graduated to a DELUXE fanny pack, as modeled by my husband:

Sorry for the porn music…I just couldn’t resist.

As we were in Tomorrowland, I saw something that made me shriek with laughter. It’s very rare that I come across a situation that makes my body uncontrollably convulse into the most annoying human in on the planet. And especially at Magic Kingdom, where the park is really designed for kids. Yes, it’s really cool to watch the kids totally have fun, but there’s just something about people wearing big, furry, fuzzy costumes with heads the size of a giant water tower that makes the mother in me uncomfortable. Are they hot? How can they breathe? Can they see? How much do they get paid to wear this 50,000 pound costume in 95F Florida summer with 10,000% humidity? All these questions and I start feeling sorry for these people and I have an urge to unzip their costume and throw a bucketful of ice cubes down their backs.

We had just come from AdventureLand, where were rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the boys wanted pirate toys. They chose the light-up pirate gun and I happily paid the $10 each for them, because the other thing they were eyeing was the $40 dress up costume (and you know I’d have anxiety issues over that!)

So we get to TomorrowLand…you’ll have to watch the short clip. I just love the part where Nathan (3 1/2yrs old) doesn’t even say a word, calmly picks up his gun and shoots the robotic trash can.

Of course, I’ve just disqualified myself from winning the Mother of the Year award since I egg on my other kid to shoot him too. I just have one thing to say to defend my obnoxious behavior. When alien forces attack planet Earth, I’m standing behind my kids.

(btw Andrew is wearing a big “Happy Birthday Andrew” button)

Did you see the guy at the end talking and controlling the trash can? He was so sly, dressing in regular street clothes and looking very Keanu Reeves. He wore a messenger bag slung across his broad, hunky shoulder, one hand in the bag controlling the trash can and the other hand holding a voice-changing microphone.

Ok, enough blabber, I’ve got a lot of work to do! In two weeks, 08/08/08 is not only my BIRTHDAY!!!! but the start of the Beijing Olympics and I want you to be prepared. I mean, prepared for cooking good, authentic, easy Chinese food – not necessarily my birthday, though all gifts of the chocolate or coffee nature are welcome with open arms – so I’ll be posting quite often and you’ll see a series of Chinese recipes and menu ideas!

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  1. Kitt

    You could rig up the boys’ toy bin like that! It would make cleanup a breeze. “Mmm …. Legos! Feed me more! Bring me Elmo!”

  2. Lisa

    That was hysterical! I laughed out loud when I heard your laugh, so a co-worker came over to see what was so funny.. I had to play it 3 times for him to pick out the guy controlling it. heee! Glad you guys had fun! And congrats on graduating to the industrial size fanny pack!


  3. Carrie Hasson

    You are hilarious! The music, the manpack…it’s all too much to take lol.
    My kids just made me play that last video three times! We had an annual pass last year at D-World and I feel slightly gypped not ever encountering the robot trash can. I think the funniest part is when you told your son to give the trash can a hug…you were in full Disney mom mode at that very moment!

  4. Allen

    Happy pre-birthday, Jaden – 8/8/08 happens to be my partner’s birthday as well. I knew there was something *extra* that I liked about you!

  5. ruth

    dang! your birthday is 8/8? your parents must have definitely thought you were a lucky baby!!

  6. Helene

    What a lucky birthday number this year! Loved the video. Your laugh made me laugh…it’s intoxicating! Always enjoy seeing pics of your hunka, hunka handsome man!

  7. jamie anne

    talking trash-cans!!!! hahahahahaha!
    a wonder the image didn’t start shaking as you laughed! did the kids wonder at how it knew who they were?

  8. Wendyz

    Hi there, I am a friend of Carrie’s and she has requested so many times that I read your stuff. I went with her to the photography workshop in Sonoma. Great job! Love the site. Also, love the disneyworld videos. I am making your Korean Glass Noodles tonight, but I couldn’t find the right noodles, so I am using bean threads, I hope it works. Also adding beef to it. I can’t wait for you August recipes. My birthday is the 7th, so I will think of you when I wake up the next day with my wine hangover.

  9. Vitor Hugo

    I grew up, but I still wanna visit Disney! *shame on me* And how the trash knew about Andrew’s Birthday? πŸ™‚ By the way, happy birthday for him! For a time, I thought your boys were twins.

    I don’t know in Chinese Culture (I’m Japanese Brazilian), but my parents and grandmps always told me that happy pre-birthday is bad luck. So, for you only 8/8! And.. you’re very luck! Of course you know about number eight and luck in Chinese, right? πŸ˜€

  10. Cricket

    I’ll get a water pistol and join them at the trash can. They might need backup. I think the costumes do have some sort of an air conditioning system in them…I heard that a long time ago, and it is now regurgitated just for you.

    We tried the jap chae. No leftovers. How kewl is that? I have four children, so I used a whole package of glass noodles (teenage boys, no less)
    and lots of vegetables, with a bit of beef (bul gogi goes well with jap chae).
    They wolfed it down.

  11. Paula

    Love the alien invading earth line. It’s always great to be prepared! My nephew skates as Scooby Doo in an ice show and yes, the costumes are lava hot! How cool that your birthday this year falls on such a numerical anomaly date … all 08’s! By any chance were you born at 8:08?

  12. Tracey

    I used to work at Santa’s Workshop in the full costunes; Frosty, Chris Moose and whatever the hell that penguin’s name was. I had varying levels of sight depending on what cstume it was, and they were all friggin’ hot. I think I would sweat a pound or two off everyday while performing. (Did I mention we danced 7 shows a day as well?) But I only had heat exhaustion once…

  13. finsbigfan

    Oh Jaden those vids brought back great memories of when we would take our kids to the Orlando parks. For us it was the “Totebag”. As kids got older, totebag got smaller. We would take turns schlepin’ that bag all over whatever park we were in. Loved the trashcan and the blasting of said trashcan! Can’t wait for some great Chinese recipies. What a cool birthday!!

  14. Hillary

    Ooh cool birthday to have this year! πŸ™‚ I’m expecting a new niece or nephew very soon and my mom is banking on 08/08/08 (Haha, as if we have any say in the situation). Yay for the Beijing Olympics!

  15. Micha

    That is awesome! Totally, totally awesome!
    My birthday is 8/8 too! I’m think this is an especially auspicious year for all us 8/8ers because of the triple repetition of the 8’s πŸ™‚

  16. Keith

    So that is what I have to look forward to in fatherhood – fanny packs! And how much restraint did you and Scott have to show to not shoot the trashcan yourself.

  17. Danielle

    You are freaking hilarious, girl! Only you would add porno tunes to your man rocking a fanny pack. This seriously made my day. Thanks for sharing.

  18. joey

    Hahahahaha! Love the videos!!! When the aliens come I’m standing behind your kids too! πŸ™‚ Belated birthday greetings Andrew!!! πŸ™‚ 5 years old…great age to be πŸ™‚

  19. Cakebrain

    You’re a hoot! I did notice you egging your kid to shoot the trashcan…
    It seems as if Andrew’s only about a week older than my daughter! My littlest terror is only 18 months though, so I’m still lugging around the Restaurant Tote (bib, water, toys, straws, fruit, snacks, suction-cup-placemat, fork, spoons, chopsticks, toys & crafts and SCISSORS…the most important thing ever for cutting food into little itty bits at restaurants), the diaper bag and my own separate purse. Isn’t 5 great? you can tell them to go get stuff and they’ll do it!

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