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Now you can cook like Thomas Keller, Heston Blumenthal and Ferran Adria with The SousVide Supreme, the world’s first water oven designed specifically to bring the gourmet restaurant sous vide cooking method into home kitchens. The result is lusciously silky chicken, juicy, perfect and evenly cooked steaks just like from a master chef. This machine is the size of a bread machine.

This baby just came out, and it’s the very first sous vide machine made for the home market. Yes, for the home market, which means it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars anymore ($449.00). I’ve borrowed a machine for two weeks to give it a test run.

In case you haven’t heard of sous vide, I’ve provided a ton of information and links at the very end of this post.

I wonder if Thomas Keller gets fingerprints on his sous vide machine.


But that’s easy to fix.


My demo unit comes with a lot of fun stuff inside.


Including a manual – most important for people who actually READ instructions….but I don’t.


Thank goodness it comes with an instructional DVD


Some spices


More spices. These look pretty cool – they are spice sheets that you just drape over your protein and it acts as a marinade (and makes it easier to vacuum seal since it’s not a liquid) I haven’t tried the sous vide spice transfer sheets, but that’s my next project.


A rack for holding your food submerged in the water.


So, let’s start with some steak…and heavy sprinkling of steak seasoning that I got from the Sous Vide Supreme package.


Specifically Canadian seasoning from Colorado.


Fill the machine up with water


Turn it on


Set the desired temperature. I wanted steak between medium-rare to medium, so I set it for 135F.


Oh wait…one more glory shot of the steak before he takes a long bath.


You gotta measure the meat. don’t laugh. Measuring the meat determines how long you cook.


Put the meat in the bag.


Suck the meat. Hey quit giggling.


Bag goes into the Sous Vide Supreme…but oops…the bag rack should be positioned another way so that the steak is fully submerged in the water.


Oh much better!


And then the waiting begins…90 minutes to 8 hours is the window and I let these steaks go on for 4 hours.


Remove from bath.


Take ’em outta the bag. They look kinda dull….but then again, if I took at 4 hour bath, I’d probably look like that too.


Pat the surface dry — because we gotta sear both sides!


Sear on your grill or in a cast-iron pan…just quickly on both sides over the hottest heat you have.




Perfectly cooked and even throughout. Precise temperature edge to edge.


Tender, like roast beef on the interior and that oh-so-perfect crusty seared edge.


Sous Vide Supreme: Soft Boiled Eggs

But wait! There’s more. Give ’em a warm bath of 146F for 45 minutes.


Hard boiled eggs are sooo last year.


Get ready for some egg pr0n. Normally, when you soft-boil an egg, you’ll get runny yolk.


Look what happens.


You ready?


Wait for it….


It’s creamy.


Velvety, luscious.


What is Sous Vide?

Sous vide is pronounced “soo-VEED” and it’s a French term that means “under vacuum”. The concept is to cook the food at precisely the temperature that you want to serve the food so that the food item is perfectly cooked throughout. Steak becomes medium-rare from edge to edge versus having a “bulls-eye” effect of well-done ring, medium ring and then a rare center. Cooking food slow and low creates silky, tender textures. When you vacuum seal spices, herbs and marinades with the food, the pressure allows the flavors to penetrate deeply.

Other benefits for the home cook…you don’t have to watch the time. Since there is little risk of overcooking, you can leave the food in the Sous Vide Supreme for a few hours at the desired temperature and it will still be perfectly cooked.

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  1. sygyzy

    I am very impressed that you chose the two most compelling advantages about sous vide to demonstrate to the uninitiated. Great job! As a minor quibble, your steak cooking time is way too long. While it’s true that SV is very forgiving, it doesn’t take 4 hours to cook a steak to that temp. It should be more like 45 mins. I don’t know the specifics but there is a point where it’s too much.

  2. French Cooking for Dummies

    wow…I had never seen sous vide cooking… I’m astonished by that medium rare steak after spending 4 hours in a hot bath… and OMG this creamy egg yolk looks so good! You’ve just opened my eyes, I need to try that 😀

  3. Katie

    I’ve seen them use this technique on many cooking shows (like Top Chef) and wondered what it would taste like, or look like. It’s pretty interesting!

  4. savoryseduction

    This comment is directed at sygyzy: she did not overcook the steaks, because the sous vide prevents meats from being overcooked. There is a maximum amount of time you can leave the meat in to prevent from eating something unacceptably mushy, however it cannot overcook.

    Steamykitchen; great work 🙂 Glad to see someone else enjoying this!

  5. katiek@ kitchensidecar

    For a second there, that beef did look a bit anemic (after the 4 hour spa bath). I want one so badly! In SF, chris constantino sous vides a whole entire pig’s head for porcetta di testo which melts those bits o’ cartilage together. I’m so into that.

    Also, I poached eggs at low temperatures (~140 F) to get that slow cooked-ness, but on the stovetop. I’m it could’ve been that more pornier if it were sous vide’d. Jealous.

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  9. Kristine

    I tried experimenting with sous vide cooking for the first time today. I cooked eggs at 146 F for an hour, but the whites had only partially set. Could you suggest where I went wrong?

    Note: I cooked the remaining eggs for another half hour at 150 F and though the whites had set, the yolk had become solid. I may try 148 F next time.

  10. Richard

    Being a food aficionado and having cooked for a good 50 yrs. I can say with some authority that The Sous Vide supreme is one of the essentials in creating spectacular meals. Veggies never taste so much like you want them to and what it does for meat is almost a sin. Yes you have to sear and finish the odd food but it’s so fast and easy to do that the taste far out weighs any minor inconvenience.

  11. Denise

    I had been sous viding (is that a verb) with a candy thermometer and a Dutch oven. No more! And aside from being a great appliance yielding results impossible with any other device, the people working for Sous Vide Supreme are amazing. They will help you and in my case, mine had a slight problem and they are sending a new one, trusting me to send back the other. I am still smiling from the experience working with these guys.

  12. The London Foodie

    Wow, what a fantastic review and photography Jaden, thank you for taking your time to share that. I am considering buying one, I will now start checking all those other links you have listed. Excellent post.

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

  13. Michael Conkle


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