Bison Burgers with Bacon & Blue Cheese

When GoodBite asked me to participate in the an “adventure ingredient” challenge, I was like “adventure!? HELL YEAH! bring it on baby!”

For days, I was dreaming of being challenged to make tempura tarantula, something my buddy Eddie Lin of Deep End Dining has feasted on.

Or maybe even baking some vegemite cupcakes.

Ewww! Right?

But damn, that would have been fun to zing off on a totally different tangent of food blogging and freak my mother out.

Well, Chef Dave picked bison as my adventure ingredient – hardly an adventure for a gal like me who’s dined on far freakier things!


So, what to do with Bison meat? Make Bison Burgers with Bacon and Blue Cheese of course!

Clever, eh? All those B’s make me feel adventurous.

Oh…don’t want to forget to mention that um yeah, I totally did say that bison meat is healthier with less calories and less cholesterol…that is…until you fatten it up with BACON and BLUE CHEEEEEEEEZZZZ!

Hey, at least I didn’t include a spread of lard on the buns.



Bison Burgers with Bacon and Blue Cheese

Servings: Prep Time: Cook Time:
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1 1/2 pounds ground bison
4 strips bacon, each strip cut in half
1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese
fresh arugula
salt and pepper
4 burger buns
2-3 tablespoons good quality mustard


1. Season the ground bison generously with salt and pepper. Divide the meat into 4 equal sized patties, about 1-inch thick. Form and shape the patties so that they have a slight indentation in the middle of patty. This helps the burger cook to an even size, as the middle always puffs up during cooking.

2. If you are using an outdoor BBQ grill, preheat your grill on high.

3. In the meantime, place the bacon strips in a large frying pan over medium-high heat and cook until crisp on both sides.

4. To cook the burgers, place the patties on the hot grill, close lid and cook for 2-3 minutes. Flip, close the lid and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Flip once more, turn the heat to medium and cook until juices run clear or to the temperature of your choice.

5. Spread each burger bun with mustard, top with the bison burger, 2 strips of bacon, crumbled blue cheese and fresh arugula.

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  1. jennifer

    Wow definitely a unique recipe – I have never tried bison before! The blue cheese part gots me droolin’!

  2. tigerfisht

    I had Bison burger when I was in doing Rockies in Canada. Well, guess I had to eat them cos they were jamming up traffic in the national park! *revenge*

    Tempura tarantula – when are you doing that? I wanna see how the eight freaky legs are coated in batter to the hairy details ;p

  3. Lyndsey

    Is there something that bacon and blue cheese doesn’t go well with? πŸ™‚ I haven’t tried Bison before, but made this way I would!

  4. Kirsten

    We love bison and are able to buy it from great farms here in Colorado. This is a staple in my kitchen, Bison Burger with Blue Cheese and my daughter eats it with the bacon on top. So, we already love this recipe! Thanks.

  5. Angie

    Your right, I was expecting something more adventurous too. This recipe looks great! I have never had any of your weird foods.

  6. Kim in MD

    Jaden, this recipe looks incredible (as all of your recipes do)! πŸ™‚

    My family fell in love with bison when we were vacationing in Montana several years ago. Like elk meat, it has such a clean, non-“gamey” flavor (and no “livery” undertones like you get with beef), and, like elk, it is incredibly healthy as well (less fat and cholesterol than white meat chicken…red meat without the guilt)! You have to be careful not to overcook it, though, because it is so lean.

    One more bonus is that bison meat is usually organic, and free of “mad cow” disease. For those of you that haven’t had bison or are reluctant to try it, give it a try. You don’t know what you are missing! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing, Jaden!

  7. Sara

    You are the woman! That burger looks awesome; loved the addition of the blue cheese. It adds so much flavor! On a seperate note, great to meet you on Saturday @FoodBlogForum seminar. You are such an inspiration!

  8. Nicole

    Bison is so fantastic! Can’t wait for the summer to grill up some of these burgers!!
    I saw your weird food post. Oh my gosh you are brave!!!! I admit that chicken skin can give me the willies. Sometimes I have a big texture issue.

  9. Chris

    I’ll be honest, I’m only a fan of bison after adding in some fat to the burger. It is so lean that it is a huge adjustment for a guy like me who likes 85/15 beef for my burgers:)

    But you saved the day with the bacon and blue cheese! My boys loved the ones I made for them when Alexis was in FL two weeks ago. I mixed the blue into a fresh mayo and my 21 y/o coined the term “Dayum! mayo”.

  10. Deanna

    I prefer Elk to bison but don’t eat either one very often. Mmmm… burgers.

    PS: It was so nice meeting you on Saturday. The seminar was AMAZING (winning the knives didn’t hurt either). Congrats to you, Todd, and Diane, on a successful day.

  11. Alta

    I love bison. I agree though, not exactly adventure cuisine. They sell bison at most of the markets nowadays. I even drove past a bison ranch when we took a trip to Fredericksburg, Texas last week! That being said, these still sound drool-worthy!

  12. Kiy

    Not that your recipe doesn’t rock ’cause, yum!, but … bison as an adventure ingredient? Bison was the next cool new thing … 15 years ago. We love it, eat it all the time … and we do NOT live in the big city. Heck, when we lived in the DC ‘burbs we lived close to a bison farm. I was thinking the ingredient would be a bit more … adventurous. Tell GoodBite to step it up a notch. πŸ˜‰

  13. rita

    we love bison meat and blue cheese. a great combo! then again, blue cheese goes with just about every red meat.

  14. Amanda

    It wasn’t so very long ago that there weren’t enough bison around to make burgers out of!
    Here in Oz we love some bbq’ed kangaroo – and there are plenty of those around!!

  15. Chris De La Rosa

    Lovely burger.Just wish I could source some of that meat in Southern Ontario. I wonder if this would work with Buffalypso a “water buffalo” type bison bred in Trinidad and Tobago?

  16. cleek

    Bison’s really good.

    i really like doing the flank steaks, because they’re a bit smaller than beef flank steaks – a better size for two people!

  17. Family Cookbook - Denise

    I’ve enjoyed bison meat for some time at our table lineup. Mostly ground bison in chilis and burgers too. We love the flavor and appreciate the healthier aspects of leaner meat and lower cholesterol.

    An interesting note, the National Bison Association (USA), encourages the name bison to differentiate the American buffalo from the Asian Water buffalo and African Cape buffalo. Apparently, the American buffalo is not a true buffalo, who knew? The scientific name is bison and it belongs to the bovine family along with the familiar domestic cattle.

    Thanks for the great bison burger idea!

  18. Melly

    Excellent recipe! I grew up in Wyoming and Montana so am used to eating Bison, Elk, Antelope, Venison. I live in CA now..but I buy my grassfed bison from

    I don’t know them….but their product is great. We just had bison ribeye’s the other night.

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