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  1. Nickipotato

    Hi! First time writer, long time reader – Ha! I tried the French bread today. Actually its in the oven now, and I know what I did wrong. I’d like to first say that I’m relatively new at baking/cooking. I used to do it a lot as a kid for years, but got away from it. Now I’m a mom, and feel its my duty to bake. Anyway, for us newbies, after looking at my poor bread, I assume you should put it on the cooking surface, seam side down. My bread has exploded and looks like a twice baked potato. Of course I put them both in the oven at the same time, cuz we live in MN and we’re in a hurry because we want to put the boat in the lake yet before the day is over. It’s 80 degrees here for pete’s sake. So neither can be saved, but it was so fun and easy I’ll do it again soon. Secondly, do you swear that I can put water on the floor of my oven? I know this is a sin, but I have an electric oven (gasp!). I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I put the water in a pie pan on the lowest rack; I’m hoping that will suffice. Any/all advice is welcome. Thank you for listening and I’m looking forward to trying the Peking Chicken.

  2. SteamyKitchen

    Hi Nickipotato- yes, seam side down! I’ll add that to my directions now. Throwing water in the elec oven is perfectly safe – putting it into a pie pan is fine as well, both will achieve the same results. If you have a chance, head over to Rose’s site– she is the goddess of bread. Thats where I first got the throwing water in the oven technique. Actually, I think she throws ice cubes in the oven. But throwing it in pie plate works just as well. Just make sure you pre-heat the pie plate too. Let me know how the bread tastes! Thanks for reading…and I’m so jealous about that boat in the lake thing. Its a sticky 80 degrees here in FL at 2:30 in the morning and πŸ™ no boat.

  3. Nickipotato

    The bread wasn’t pretty, but we can’t stop eating it! SO yummy warmed up again this morning with a little peanut butter! The crust is nice and chewy, even though I didn’t warm up the pie pan, but will next time when I make it seam side down. Thank you for such a great, and fun recipe! What a treat, no more grocery store French bread for us. Well, we’re off to the lake again today….we only have about 3 months of this kind of weather so we need to take advantage. Stop working on your blog at 2:30am, you need some sleep.

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