I won something!!

I think this must be my lucky week! I won this:

From here:

Thank you Ari!!

hee hee ~happy dance!~

…now if i could only win the lottery….

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  1. tigerfish

    Congratulations again! Oops, I ran out of songs to sing to you. I’ll make a poem for you instead –
    “I like your food
    Your food looks good
    And it sures taste good
    Makes me want to eat more than just look”

    Did you buy a lottery in the first place ? ;p

  2. simcooks

    I’ve got a song!
    “You’re so lucky,
    Oh so lucky
    You’re so lucky, witty, that’s yooooou!”

    .. adapted from the “I’m so pretty, oh so pretty…” song.

    Good luck with the lottery 🙂

  3. Joette

    Mizuya cabinetry chosen for Greentea giveaway chosen this month
    Has a Zen and Tranquil airiness …. I would love to have this in our home
    To cherish and pass down to our loved ones to look upon.

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