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  1. Chef Monk

    LOVE the video and the farm sounds SO neat. Whereabouts is it located? Need a farmhand? For you, I’ll work cheap! Or maybe even free, just for your cooking. On the video, I’m gonna ask a producer friend of mine, but I think if you were to drape a jet black bedsheet let’s say or curtain cloth over the closet door that you would be able to easily edit in any kind of background you want. The beach, the farm itself, whatever. I’ll let you know. Email me if you want me to send his advice to you or tell me to post it in here and I’ll do that.
    Hugs and fishes,
    Chef Monk

  2. Kiran

    What a wonderful idea! I would love to purchase fresh produce from your farm, all the way from Orlando 😀 Good luck and great job Jaden 🙂

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