He was a good mixer

Bob, the KitchenAid mixer, has been with our family for the past 23 years, he was handed down to me by my mom and I’m sad to say that he finally passed away. In his old age, he has had several bad accidents, including this one where fell while mixing dough and busted open his head back in 2007. Bob never did fully recover after that incident, even after intense open-head surgery involving wire splicing and duct tape.

All these years, I’ve been loyal to Bob, never allowing myself to be seduced by the bright, colorful, newer models of KitchenAid mixers. But now that Bob’s passed away, I’M FINALLY FREEEEEEEE!!


Bring it on, baby! Mama’s ready to get hooked up!

But which color?! Oh, the choices. I’ve been out of the mixer dating scene for so long that I don’t even know where to start. Is there a KitchenAid mixer – personality matching process that I have to go through?

My kitchen is pretty neutral, so I don’t have to worry about matchy-matchy. So, what color do you think my personality matches?

Sears was so kind in giving me a gift card, and I’ll be using it to purchase the mixer. I want to do it this weekend, as a) the KitchenAid mixer is on sale b) During Memorial Weekend, Friday through Tuesday, I’ll be earning $20 for each $100 that I spend. SCORE! (Thank you Sears!)

So what color do you think matches my personality? Am I a Green Apple or a Caviar? Maybe the Pear? Isn’t there a personality matcher-upper quiz I can take online???

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  1. Livia

    I’ve never seen the yellow pepper one before, but I think it’s perfect – cheerful and sunny and a bit unusual.

    You seems to be switching from the lever action kind to the tilt head. I’ve never known anyone going in that direction before, so I’d love to hear why that size/model is appealing to you now.

    1. SteamyKitchen

      hmmm…I didn’t even think about that. I think either way would work with me – I have lots of counter space. But now that I think about it, I’ll have to ask around to see why people don’t like the tllt head!

  2. Deanna

    Green Apple is the first one that caught my eye when thinking of you but I am excited to see which one you choose. πŸ™‚

  3. Deanna

    Just saw the comment above so thought I’d give my 2 cents. πŸ™‚

    The only thing I don’t miss about the tilt head is picking it up & realizing that I forgot to lock it. Ouch. lol

    Other than that, I liked the tilt better… easier to get things in that way.

  4. Tomas - University Place, WA

    The first one that jumped out at me that seemed to fit you is the Bayleaf, and the second was the Empire Red.

    Both seem to fit your personality as I know it from this great distance.

    (For myself, I’d probably go for the Yellow Pepper.)

    Really, though, it comes down to what appeals to YOU.

    How ’bout you head to your closet, throw open the door and look for the color that appears the most. Maybe THAT is “you.”

    Take care,

  5. Anna

    I always get a rush when I pull out my white 6 qt. kitchenaid mixer. I prefer the lever style. I think you should get cornflower, it’s the closest color the Tiffany blue!!

  6. Amy

    Persimmon for sure!!! The first colour that stood out as being “you” and I see a lot of readers agree!

  7. gramps

    I hope this is not a duplicate comment..
    Yeah—Empire Red or Persimmon. What kind of thing does it say about me when my mixer is White?????

  8. Christine

    My first pick for you would be the Cinnamon. Why? Because you are so hot! In a Steamy Kitchen chef way, of course. But the Cornflower Blue … it would certainly match your more demure side, no?

  9. Janet in Maine

    I lost my old one in a fire so I was able to get one of the new colors myself. I chose the Majestic Yellow and I covet it. It’s a very happy color and it’s got a nice “tone” of yellow. Not glaring yellow and not muted. Just a nice, definite yellow hue. Love the thing. It makes me happy just to use it.

    I think you would look best with anything in the yellow or orange families.

  10. Pat A.

    The best for you would be Tangerine followed closely by Persimmon. Both being bright and cheerful. I would prefer the lever to the tilt-head. Sears should send me a gift card as my Kitchen Aid is nearly 30 years old and I would get the Pistachio lever model.

  11. Holly

    For me, I would go with Persimmon, but for you definitely spicy Cinnamon!! Let us know what you go with!

  12. [email protected]

    Green Apple. It’s a happy color and you are always smiling. I have white because i won it, but I so wanted the red.

  13. Dame

    Personally, I love the caviar.

    From what I have heard is that the tilt models can tend to choke on heavy things like dough and it can hop more then the old fashion level model does. I borrowed a friends tilt model a while ago after mine died… while I didn’t have any issues with it clumsy me had the top tilt back down on my hand which was enough for me, lol! (It was really my own fault, but I figured I didn’t any help in that department.)

    I didn’t do dough in the tilt back model to really see how bad the hop was, but I did notice it didn’t handle cold butter quite as well as my mother’s 20 yr old one did. (But maybe thats just a sign of the times.)

  14. Vivilicious

    Persimmon or Buttercup would be my vote, they’re bright, warm and colourful as you are πŸ˜‰

  15. Virginia

    Buttercup. We shall all proceed to call you that from now on. Jaden Buttercup Hair. πŸ™‚

  16. Andre

    You don’t list the metallic series mixers. They have a really nice looking copper one or the chrome one would look sharp.

  17. kayenne

    when i bought my KA, i initally was also looking at the colors – red or copper. but then i realized the colored ones only come in tilt head. i asked the seller what the difference is and was told that the lever-action is sturdier. good for heavy duty mixing, esp heavy bread doughs. true enough, only the lever-action mixer says heavy duty. the others are part of the artisan series. my 2 cents is, if you don’t intend on making double-triple batches of anything or don’t think you will use it too often and for a very long time (i use mine all day, into the night during peak season), artisan – more for normal home-use, should be okay.

    also check that you get the 5-QT, not the 4-QT model, if you decide on tilt head.

  18. Grace

    i like the green apple πŸ™‚ sort of natural looking to match all the fresh food that you might have around. and green apple was always my favorite flavor of candy πŸ™‚

  19. Dee


    Then, tangerine or green apple.

    We have a lever and I’ve always wanted the tilt head…mebbe I need two? ;p

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