He was a good mixer

Bob, the KitchenAid mixer, has been with our family for the past 23 years, he was handed down to me by my mom and I’m sad to say that he finally passed away. In his old age, he has had several bad accidents, including this one where fell while mixing dough and busted open his head back in 2007. Bob never did fully recover after that incident, even after intense open-head surgery involving wire splicing and duct tape.

All these years, I’ve been loyal to Bob, never allowing myself to be seduced by the bright, colorful, newer models of KitchenAid mixers. But now that Bob’s passed away, I’M FINALLY FREEEEEEEE!!


Bring it on, baby! Mama’s ready to get hooked up!

But which color?! Oh, the choices. I’ve been out of the mixer dating scene for so long that I don’t even know where to start. Is there a KitchenAid mixer – personality matching process that I have to go through?

My kitchen is pretty neutral, so I don’t have to worry about matchy-matchy. So, what color do you think my personality matches?

Sears was so kind in giving me a gift card, and I’ll be using it to purchase the mixer. I want to do it this weekend, as a) the KitchenAid mixer is on sale b) During Memorial Weekend, Friday through Tuesday, I’ll be earning $20 for each $100 that I spend. SCORE! (Thank you Sears!)

So what color do you think matches my personality? Am I a Green Apple or a Caviar? Maybe the Pear? Isn’t there a personality matcher-upper quiz I can take online???

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  1. Stephanie

    I’m quite partial to bright colors… (albeit Hubby insisted on me getting a gray one, I wanted red or boysenberry) If you get the anniversary one you can get the glass bowl that has the measuring lines on it… I’d love to have one of those as a “backup”. πŸ™‚

  2. Elis

    Firey persimmon! I have chrome…it’s nice and sensible, but if I could go back & do it again I think I would throw caution to the wind & get a red one.

  3. Erica

    I love bright colors, and you seem outgoing like me! I have the Empire Red one (yay, gift from my hubby) and I adore it and think it works with every color. (my kitchen is honey yellow) I really like the cobalt blue one too, though…

  4. HL

    I would say the empire red or cobalt blue. But that might be because that’s what I would get (most of our kitchen stuff is red, but blue is my favorite color).

  5. Lindsay

    The Persimmon *would* match your snappy new logo. πŸ™‚ Branding, right? Though, I personally own lime green (don’t remember if it is green apple or pear or a discontinued one) and I adore it.

  6. Sasha

    You’re totally a Tangerine or a Green Apple! Third choice would be Cornflower, but the other two just look hot in a kitchen.

  7. Victoria

    The persimmon one is calling out to me, too. It’s spicy and fun and might be a good match for you πŸ˜‰ I also love the yellow pepper one. I’d vote for something bright and cheery.

  8. Vivian

    I have the Empire Red and Love it! If I had to choose all over again it would be the Classic White because it is neutral and works better in photos.

  9. Angie

    I’ve got Black, and I’d recommend it, all the colors look too retro or too specific to blend in easily in any present or future decor. And black looks modern too.

  10. Barbara @ VinoLuciStyle

    Red for you is my vote; although I’m still loyal to my 25 year old white machine…long as that baby is working, I’m loving it…but then it’s never fallen off a counter either, yikes!

  11. Judy

    Imperial Black…23 years is a long time to live with a color. Buy an apple green pot holder to go with it!!!!

  12. Linda

    I too have a white one. If and when Lucy dies, I would go for the EMPIRE RED, sassy and in your face red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although my kitchen is sage green with black and stainless steel

    Or second choice is one of the yellow’s!!!!!!!!!!! Be adventurous and outside the box!!!

  13. Leah

    I love bright colors…and they certainly have lots to choose from…but I got a color when I bought a new Cuisinart and wish I had gone neutral. I vote for metallic chrome…grey…or Imperial Black!

  14. Lynn

    So sorry for your loss. It looks like you’re handling your grief pretty well. I’d say Persimmon. You are definitely bright, bold, and lots of fun!

  15. Kath

    I vote for Bayleaf. (You look good in that color in your photo!) To me, it has kind of a tropical Caribbean look.

  16. Alta

    Sounds like ol’ Bob was a good family friend! Definitely gave you your money’s worth, eh? I say go for Persimmon or the Red.

  17. cherie

    well if it were me I would go for green apple – so fresh and delightfully welcoming – it sucks you right in . . . come, let’s mix up something wonderful!

  18. Rick Nakama

    I have the Empire Red, but not in the Artisan model. The bigger one. The only thing is that it’s a little more difficult to find the accessories that fit the bigger one here in the middle of the ocean!

  19. junecutie

    When I bought mine from QVC last year, I had a really hard time choosing. All the new colors were so seductive. I finally chose Empire Red, and I’ve never looked back. Every time I walk in the kitchen and see my big red beauty, it makes me happy. Now I have a red food processor to match, red hot mats, and other red appliances. I love it!!!

  20. Fran

    I love the 90th Anniversary Candy Apple Red model. I’m not sure if Sears has it or if we are the only retailer carrying it though. It’s a beauty. My sister is in love with hers which replaced her 20-something old model last year.

    90th Anniversary gets my vote. If they don’t have it I’d opt for the Empire Red. I think sometimes it’s safer to stay away from the trendy colors because you might get bored with it after that color-way disappears from the fashion world, if that makes sense.

    Happy shopping!

  21. Julie

    Jaden, for you, I somehow lean towards empire red or persimmon. Good luck with your choice, and happy shopping! Oh, and RIP Bob!

  22. kat

    I’m a Green Apple (if only I could have justified the extra cost for the larger size), but I think bayleaf or persimmon suit your blog.

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