Slow Money

I was just introduced to Julie, owner of an organic restaurant in Orlando called Dandelion Communitea – they were just voted the top Slow Money restaurant! I thought this Slow Money ad was one of the most well done advertisements I’ve ever seen and wanted to share….

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  1. Dawn

    Yes!!! Isn’t this wonderful? I learned about it last year at a Slow Food meeting. You should check out Lake Meadow Naturals,
    too, and how he’s been raising chickens. This year, he raised a group of chicks without soy feed for soy-free, organic eggs.

  2. Chef Monk

    Very neat. We were just talking about how so far removed and out of touch people are these modern days from where food really comes from, and we started compiling a list of things that have changed in the last hundred years or less that make our culinary lives so vastly different than those of our grandparents, let’s say. Not sure what we’ll do with it yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

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