Last Look? Clean Beach

Last night, before I took off to NYC, we took the boys to the rotating restaurant at St. Petersburg Florida beach, just 45 minutes away from our home.

To take a long look at the beach before the oil comes. Oh, it will just spoil this gorgeous sand.

While the boys LOVED that the restaurant rotated around and around and around and around……

Me… so much.

I wonder how much time before the oil comes?

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  1. Jody W.

    My home town. I grew up on Pass-A-Grille with the most beautiful white sand beach in the world. It breaks my heart to know it’s threatened by the oil spill. The pink building in the distance is the famous Don CeSar Hotel. It looks like a pink wedding cake. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Deb

    Wow! this beach is beautiful. Makes me realize that when I lived in Clearwater some 30 years ago, I never got to St Pete beach. I wonder why?

    I heard your gov declared 19 counties as disaster zones and is setting up emergency response teams so when the time comes they’ll be ready to spring into action. Good for him!

    The pictures I’ve seen just make me weep. Poor animals, poor people…

    I wish I could cut my gas usage even more than I already have – the next car I buy won’t be gas reliant, that’s for sure!

    I hope the people who make the decisions will learn from this before we see it again someplace else – like off the coast of Alaska…

  3. kat

    been keeping up to date with this online, I hope everyone affected will be able to comeback from this and those in charge will learn from this.

  4. bunkycooks

    I know that area a along the coast of Florida. We have family nearby and have been often. I hate to think of what might happen once the oil gets closer to the shoreline. This is such a terrible tragedy and has affected so many people as well as the marine life and animals.

  5. mommyk8

    The picture of your boys looking out at the clean beach broke my heart. We were supposed to go to Tampa last weekend but had to cancel. Now we wish we’d gone, it could have been our last chance to hit the beach down there.

  6. Barbara @ VinoLuciStyle

    It’s hard to see this and fear for what is to come. That a plan was not in place prior to a drill ever hitting the ocean bottom is hard to imagine and exhibits a lack of regard for any resource except the liquid gold that is now spoiling our coastlines.

    Beautiful yet feel so sad.

  7. Lynn

    Lovely beach. I’m the same with rotating restaurants. Space Needle. I want my table as close to the center as possible if I’m to keep that meal down.

  8. Crystal P

    Oh this just makes me want to cry. As a child my dad used to take me to St. Petersburg beach, so many beautiful memories, I’m so so sad this is happening : (

  9. Lyndsey

    I know it just makes me ill when I think about it too much. I can’t imagine our white sand beach here wilt any oil on it, not to mention the sealife out there. πŸ™ I so want to help all the sealife too.

    I’m with you on the round and round. I think I’d be better on a boat! πŸ˜€

  10. Sammy

    I was born in St Pete, grew up in Clearwater. I now live in the panhandle, the oils already showing up here… it’s terrible. I hate what the oil is doing to everything, the beaches, the sealife, and all our fishing/tourism.

  11. Chris

    This makes me sick, having surfed and fished in Florida for my first 32 years. The damage is going to be long lasting, some of it unrecoverable. πŸ™

  12. Caitlin B.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the spill as it sneaks down the panhandle. Really hoping it stays away from St. George Island long enough so I can have my beach trip next week.

    It’s been horrible watching what the oil’s been doing so far. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

  13. patsyk

    I really hope the beach is not spoiled by the disaster that has been created by BP. I hope they have to pay heavily for all of the ecological damage they have (and will)cause.

  14. Lisa @ The Cooking Bride

    Eh, this oil spill just makes me sick. We have already had tar balls wash up on the coast of Mississippi. A friend went walking on the beach late one night and when she got back there was a thin film of oil on the bottom of her feet.

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