Chinese New Year Recipes


…  of the Dragon! Year of the Dragon Prediction (fromĀ Chinese Fortune Calendar) “Dragon is a legendary animal and it is symbol of …  this year! Last year, I posted a long list of Chinese New Year recipes, and I’ve gotten several requests to republish the post. I’ve …


What to eat for Chinese New Year


…  Chinese calendar isn’t as straightforward and predictable as the Western …  are kinda screwy. But what I meant was that Western New Years is always called January 1st. Chinese or Lunar New Year falls on a …


Chinese New Year Recipes – Party Like It’s 4707!

…  away your party shoes just yet! I know you think that the new year celebrations are over, but for many Asians all over the world, the …  holiday is yet to come! January 26th is the beginning of Chinese New Year, a 15-day long celebration and the start of year 4707 …


Chinese New Year Food Superstitions

…  12- month reign as the Year of the Rat. The more popular Chinese New Year traditions, like the dragon dance, red lanterns and firecrackers, are …


Mom’s Chinese Chicken Soup


…  I’m Andrew Hair, the older brother. I just turned 11 years old last week and my Mom asked me to pick a recipe to make for you. I chose Mom’s Chinese Chicken Soup. Actually, to tell you the truth, it’s Po-Po’s (grandma) …


How to Cook Chinese Sausage

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…  probably the most rude things to hand-carry on a plane — Chinese Preserved Salty Fish (Chinese Fried Rice with Salty Fish will be an …  cookbook – but I’m sharing it with you below. Here’s a new video to show you how to cook the sausage with the rice! Chinese Sausage …


Chinese Grilled Shrimp

Grilled Shrimp Chinese Style Recipe

…  recipes. Shrimp are marinated with what I call the “Chinese Trinity” – the trio of garlic, ginger and green onion. In addition, …  Holy Trinity of Chinese Cooking If you’re familiar with New Orleans cooking, you’ll know that the “Holy Trinity” begins many Cajun and …