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Healthy Spaghetti and Meatballs: 2 Secret Ingredients

The key to the greatest meatballs, unfortunately, is using tender, fatty ground meat….which is why many of the best recipes include both ground beef and ground pork (and sometimes ground veal). All that fatty richness goes straight to my backside and sometimes I just want a lighter version of meatballs. My first several attempts at healthy-tizing meatballs were all just …


Giveaway: Pie Pops cookbook

About the Pie Pops cookbook by Marcie Ballard
Pie Pops is the cure-all for boring pastries and desserts. With unique twists on classic recipes and some new treats altogether, Pie Pops is a must have recipe book!

From the frozen treats we look forward to cooling off with during the hot days of summer to all-day suckers, corn dogs, and . . .


Giveaway: Cereal Sweets and Treats cookbook

About Cereal Sweets and Treats
Everybody loves cereal, whether it is floating in a big bowl of milk or straight out of the box. In Cereal Sweets & Treats, Jessica Segarra takes her passion for cereal one step further to satisfy the sweet-tooth cravings of both young and old.

Cereal Sweets & Treats features recipes for bars, cakes, muffins, candies, cookies, . . .

muir glen

Giveaway: Muir Glen Tomatoes and Tote Bag

About Muir Glen Tomatoes
Since our company’s founding over a decade ago, we’ve been committed to helping farmers choose to grow tomatoes organically. All of Muir Glen’s tomatoes are field grown and vine ripened under certified organic practices — no synthetic pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, just gorgeous tomato taste, true to nature. Taste Muir Glen and . . .

Milton's New Line of Crackers

Giveaway: Naturally Sweet Crackers from Milton’s Craft Bakers

About Milton’s and the Naturally Sweet Crackers
Milton’s Craft Bakers developed a brand new line of lightly sweetened, organic and non-GMO audited, baked snack crackers. This new line is available in five delicious flavors: Original Multi-Grain, Blueberry Multi-Grain, Honey Multi-Grain, Chocolate Multi-Grain and Honey & Corn.

Milton’s bakers always start with the finest organic and non-GMO sourced . . .


Giveaway: Candy Buffet and Giftcard from

About Candy Galaxy Giveaway
If you have been dreaming of how beautiful a candy display would look at your wedding reception, or wanting to throw the birthday party or baby shower of the year-this may just be your lucky day!

Candy Galaxy is giving away an entire candy buffet kit of the winner’s choice, as well asa $25 gift card . . .

chip maker

Giveaway: TopChips Chip Maker from Mastrad

About Mastrad
Since 1994, Mastrad, the French company specializing in unique kitchen tools and accessories, has been revolutionizing the culinary world with a line of products unlike any other. Combining function, quality and eye-catching design, the diverse and expansive collection of products are carefully created to make every kitchen professional, yet fun and colorful. Founded by a . . .


Giveaway: Asian Wok from ManPans

About ManPans and the Asian Wok
ManPans, the innovative American cookware manufacturer, has added to its line of sturdy, lightweight, flavor-neutral cooking pans with the introduction of the Asian Wok. With its notable deep sides and aluminum dome lid, the ManPans Asian Wok is ideal for steaming vegetables that reduce in volume while cooking.

The 13-inch Asian . . .


Giveaway: Delights with Cheddar Cat Food from Fancy Feast

About Delights with Cheddar from Fancy Feast
Do you know a cat who loves the taste of cheese? Fancy Feast wants to share a little something with you – the new Delights With Cheddar Classic entrées that celebrates cats’ and people’s shared love of cheese! Fancy Feast Delights With Cheddar entrées are made with real savory . . .


Giveaway: The Great Vegan Bean Book by Kathy Hester

About the Great Vegan Bean Book
With some of the coolest names ever—cannellini, cava, calypso—beans may just be nature’s perfect food. Packed with protein and with little or no fat, inexpensive and cruelty-free, tasty and with endless varieties, they’re also a vegan’s best friend. But what do you do with the heirloom beans you picked up . . .

Cracker Barrel Farm to Table

Giveaway: Farm to Table Collection Gift Basket by Cracker Barrel

About the Farm to Table Collection Gift Basket
Enjoy fresh style for your home with Cracker Barrel’s new Farm-Inspired Collection. The collection includes an exclusive stoneware dining set inspired by summer farm stands, plus other home accents full of farmhouse charm.  The Farm To Table Collection is available at Cracker Barrel stores and online.
Included in this . . .