Macaron Soap


Goat’s milk soap made to look like French Macarons! Spied by Tartelette, found on Etsy

Get jiggily with it


Jello, all grown up! Flavors: beef consomme with horseradish and pork consomme infused with ginger, lemongrass, garlic, star anise. How about the Virgin Mary….in jello form? Bloody Mary! Read entire article on Globe and Mail. Also check out Susie the Foodie blog for more gelatin glam.

Sandwich Coasters


Cute! Sandwich coasters – love how they’re packaged too. On Foolish Gadgets.

Zapping Potatoes!


Electrocuting vegetables make them healthier!????? Yikes! Read on U.K. Telegraph news site.

Toasted Notes


Sticky notes for breakfast lovers! On Foolish Gadgets.

Lunch Artist


Kai Wilken, a stay-at-home dad is a lunch artist creates these elaborate sandwiches for his son. He’s also just partnered with Land O’Frost lunchmeat company – press release below with more info on Kai. === IT’S A BUS! IT’S A SUPERHERO! IT’S A SANDWICH?!MIDWEST DAD PROMOTES GOOD EATING HABITS BY TURNING ORDINARY SCHOOL LUNCHES INTO ARTWORK Family-Owned Lunchmeat Company Introduces …

Dictionary of Modern Gastronomy

inside the bee-hive

The Food Section has a list of “modern gastronomy terms” – such as Honey Laundering (cheap Chinese honey shipped first to Philippines to be relabeled to avoid U.S. taxes), Coffee Name (alias you give to Starbucks if your name is difficult to spell or pronounce) and Ambient Ice Cream – environmentally friendly ice cream sold at room temperature for you …

Bling Band Aids


Love!!! Bling Band-Aids designed by Cynthia Rowley….boo-boo in style. Found on Oh Joy!



Beautiful, eco-friendly compostable Wasara disposable dinnerware(via Swiss Miss)

S’mores Brownies


I can’t stand it. Must. Have. Now. S’mores Brownies recipe over at Culinary Cravings.

Zucchini Crudo


Beautiful, simple and refreshing Zucchini Crudo recipe over at Kiss My Spatula blog.