Andrew not happy

Pulled the kids away from their Nintendo to help me with envelopes for the SmartFarm. Dirty look.


Cook’s Journey to Japan

Currently reading Cooks Journey to Japan….LOVE!!!! I have bookmarked 12 recipes I want to try. Right now. Tonight. I’m hungry.

Back Camera


Before During After

Back Camera

Grandma Dora

This is what Dora the Explorer will look like in 50 years. Found on the streets of NYC…where else!? 😉  



I just discovered a new site, Fiverr. Basically, this is a marketplace of people who are willing to provide a service for $5. Any service. Some of them are a little crazy. But cool-crazy. Like this person will dress up in a Mr. Peanut outfit and parade around holding a sign with your message. And then send you a photograph …



Found on the blogs – a photo that has just made my jaw drop. Filipino comfort food: crispy roasted red pig – skin so crisp it looks like sugar-candy. Head over to Jun Blog for the post (and where you can find this dish in San Francisco area). Plus check out this post on Lechon on La Loma.


Ale Pretzel Soft Caramels

Salty pretzel + sweet soft caramel + beer. The beer is reduced on stovetop until becomes thick and syrupy – and that’s used in place of vanilla extract to flavor the caramel. Oh, I’m so there. Recipe over at Sprinkle Bakes blog.


Bicycle Shopping Cart

There’s no need to lock up your bicycle when you go to the grocery store! This baby transforms into a shopping cart! Genius! More details at PSFK Conference.


Redlove Era Apple

New apple called Redlove Era is red to the core and won’t brown. Beauty! Created through cross-pollination and grafting. Read rest of story on SlashFood.


Funky Nail Art

Now this is some funky nail art for foodies! Not my kinda thing – I’d never be able to type! 😉 (via Gizmodiva) (via Oddee) (via Gizmodiva) (via Cakehead)   Yes, there’s even a vending machine for nail art!