Toast It

A different way to toast your bread: each slice glides though two thin hot plates then comes out the other side ready for you to enjoy. What a fun addition to the breakfast table. From designer, George Watson; Photo Credit: Design Boom (Found via Pintrest)


Most creative way to serve spaghetti

This is so creative! I bet the kids would love this. Someone on Twitter said, “I’ve seen it called Trailer Park Calamari!” (via Pinterest) Oh and look what Polish blogger Paula from Just My Delicious made!  


Conversation with Exceptional Women

Thanks to food blogging, some of my closest friends in the world are those who I only see a couple times a year. Then there are some who I’ve never actually have met in person yet….like Monica Bhide, food writer and author of Modern Spice: Inspired Indian Flavors for the Contemporary Kitchen. She’s just launched “Conversations with Exceptional Women” and …


Egg Nests

Elise of Simply Recipes shows you how to make Egg Nests, a recipe inspired by the whimsically illustrated 1963 French children’s cookbook called La cuisine est un jeu d’enfants, or “Cooking is Child’s Play.” The egg whites are whipped into foam then gruyere cheese is folded in. The egg yolk is carefully nestled in the middle and the entire thing …


What the Frack?

What Will Fracking Do to Your Food Supply? The controversial gas-drilling practice is tainting water. Your food might be next. by Barry Estabrook May 14, 2011 There’s a stunning moment in the Academy Award-nominated documentary Gasland, where a man touches a match to his running faucet—to have it explode in a ball of fire. This is what hydraulic fracturing, a …


Corn Kerneler

This summer, if you’re a neat freak, this $13 Corn Kerneler would be for you. Zips the corn right off! Fun looking contraption, I guess with that little spout you don’t even need a fork or spoon, just tip into your mouth!


It Looks Like Caviar….

It looks like caviar….the texture is the similar to caviar….the taste? Incredible heady truffle aroma, slight brininess. To me, a truffle lover, it’s better than caviar….and it’s a fraction of the cost. My friend Tim, who owns Chef Shop sent me a jar of Black Truffle Caviar (on sale for $29.95) – which is made from real truffle juice which …


Choo-Choo Dinner’s Ready

When the boys were little, it was all about Thomas the Tank Engine trains. I used to scour the garage sales for used sets and tracks. I think we had enough track to circle the house three times. If we had this plate and cup holder set with integrated track, eating sure would be a lot of fun. Every time …


Free Travel & Food Photography Class

A free online travel and food photography class is being hosted by my friend, Penny de los Santos, who happens to be one of the most talented photojournalists I’ve ever seen. Her work moves people in such unexpected ways. She had me in tears and nearly speechless last year during her presentation at BlogHer Food. Penny shoots for National Geographic …


Easter Peeps S’mores

Genius. Simply peepin’ genius. See Angie’s post on Eclectic Recipes for her Peeps S’mores.


WrightFood Food Photography Manual

My friend Matt Wright of Wright Food is one of the best self-taught food photographers I know – his seafood shots are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! He’s a charcuterie fanatic (one day I hope he has a chance to write his own charcuterie cookbook) Matt has just launched a self-published Food Photography Manual that includes some …