Burned Spoons

These would make great one-of-a-kind gifts! $25 each hand drawn with burning pens at Burned Furniture Etsy Store. Artist also takes custom orders.


Kenmore Entertainment

This is a sponsored review from BlogHer and Kenmore. My in-laws, “Mimi” and “Papa” came to visit last week. They’re all the way from bitter-cold Buffalo, New York to come visit us in 80-degree perfect Florida fall. Of course, they’re not here for the weather, they were here for only one thing: to see the grand kids. Normally, while the …


Cargo Bike

I could fit both of my kids AND groceries for the week in this! See other cool cargo bikes.


Ikea Cookbook

Ikea has just launched a cookbook – innovative photography! See more at Today and Tomorrow


Popcorn Soap

Real soap shaped like popcorn! Handmade, using all-natural materials, smells like vanilla (who wants to smell like buttered popcorn?!) and tastes like soap. $4.95 at Vat19


Hamburger Dress

Hand-crocheted hamburger dress! Okay, not something I’d wear but pretty darn creative. Fiber artist Joy Kampia created this.


Stackable Spices

Spice Cubed packages their spices in reuseable, stackable tins. They even come with magnetic strips that you can attached to the back of the tins and stick them on your refrigerator — or you could purchase a magnet bar to install on your kitchen wall for the best decoration idea ever. Each spice is $3.95 or $5.95 for organic.


Food Rings

How. Cute. See her handmade jewelry at EricaSchmerica Etsy store. $12.95 each.


Country Garden Bowl

Beautiful handmade bowl made by stitching on soluable fabric that dissolves, leaving only the stiching. $60 on Etsy.