Gingerbread Butter

Oh hello, lover! “Have you ever heard of Gingerbread Butter? This creamy spreadable delicacy is made up in small batches from premium all-natural ingredients like caramelized milk, sugar and butter, and spiced with fragrant Thai ginger. Like regular butter you can spread it on bread, toast, scones, pancakes, waffles, or even spoon it warm over ice cream.” – from Greenhead


Honey Bee

Great gift for the tea lover – a silver Honey Bee $42.50 at Delight (hat tip to Divine Caroline)


Apple Pie Pops

Apple Pie Pops! Learn how to make them from Luxaire and Bakerella (photo above from Bakerella) (via Rare Bird Finds)


Pirate Ship Apple Pie

So stinkin’ cute! Apple pie shaped pirate ship! Recipe on Diamonds for Dessert.


Real Life Photoshop

As a photography and Photograph geek, this delights me! Found on Geekosystem.


Naughty Vegetables

Naughty naughty! Can you imagine the look on the face of your dinner guests when you serve this little guy as the garnish to your Thanksgiving Turkey? Peter Piper Picked a Pickled Pecker There are several more photos….you have to see them over at Organic Authority!  


Jar Tiles

Can you imagine an entire wall filled with these Jar Tiles? Well, okay, at $30 a pop, that might be a bit impractical. But I could certainly use a few of these in the kitchen along the wall. I’d put sugar, salt, spices in them.    


Japanese Tea Ceremony Chair

Based on the design of a featherlight bamboo whisk used in Japanese tea ceremonies (to whisk the green tea powder) – artist Hiroki Takada created a chair made of of the same material. This is the artist’s mother sitting in the chair. While beautiful, I’d be afraid of leaning back on it too hard and snapping the thin reeds! See …