Shortbread Cookies with Nutella, Banana & Almonds

Shortbread Cookies with Nutella, Banana & Almonds – from Gourmet Game Night cookbook by my friend Cynthia Nims. Will post her recipe + my adaption (which really is just store-bought shortbread cookies + Nutella + sliced Bananas + Almonds) soon! Also testing new Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC LD Aspherical IF Macro Zoom Lens (Tamron provided to me) on …


Light-up Shoelaces

As silly as these seem….I want them!!!! LED Shoelaces $9.95 through Lite Bright Raves Source: Foolish Gadgets


Pesto Trapanese

Here’s a different kind of pesto — instead of the emerald green version that you might be used to, Lidia basil, tomato and almonds (this version uses yellow cherry tomatoes). The ‘trapanese’ comes from Trapani, a city on the west coast of Sicily. Go check out the recipe for Pesto Trapanese on blog With A Dash of Spice.


Food Heroes

I just got off the phone with this beautiful lady, Georgia Pelligrini – she’s a modern day hunter-gatherer and has just come out with her very first cookbook, Food Heroes, chronicling 16 food artisans who are fighting to keep their traditions alive.


Fast Food!

You have to see this! Underneath this table is a sports car! Wait till you see where the exhaust fumes come out of! On


Beautiful Pasta

Beautiful chart of pasta shapes and which sauce goes with which pasta – see all 44 over at


The Hopsicle

This is one of those….now why didn’t I think of that? This push pop for big kids, or “Hopsicle” is served at Diablo Royale Este, a restaurant in New York City. It starts with a Tecate beer that they inject with simple syrup and lime juice, adding a wooden stick in the hole of the can and freezing the entire …



Mid-Autumn Festival, or the Moon Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese calendar, which is on a lunar cycle. For us Westerners, that means sometime late September/early October). This year, it falls on September 22nd. A must for celebrating the holiday is sharing mooncakes, which are sweet pastries made with lotus seed paste …


Ramen Dress

Cheapest Halloween costume ever!!! See on One Inch Punch.