Krups EC314 Savoy Coffee Maker Review & Giveaway

A cup of coffee can be as simple as adding grounds to a drip coffee maker — or complex and ritualistic with rare, single origin beans, a specific roasting recipe and precise, measured, brewing actions of a master barista.

Most of us make our morning coffee on auto-pilot – grind, measure, brew. But I love watching . . .

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steakchamp review 4

Steak Champ Thermometer Review & Giveaway

Steak Champ provided unit for my honest review and giveaway.
Steak Champ Review
The problem with using thermometers when grilling meats is the constant poking. With grills, temperature can fluctuate quite a bit during the cooking process, and it is difficult to really know when your food is cooked perfectly.

Most people will just poke their meats periodically with . . .

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The Coterie Sampler Images

Austin, Texas Coterie Market Review & Giveaway

Coterie Market provided box for review and giveaway.

Some of my best food memories are from Austin, Texas. It’s the city where I’ve co-hosted a food blogging seminar, co-hosted a BIG bbq party with hundreds of friends, and chaired one of the best food conferences.

That’s why I’m thrilled to present to you Coterie Market, a fine retailer of Austin, Texas . . .

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virginia boys cutting board review

Virginia Boys Cutting Board Review & Giveaway


Virginia Boys Kitchens provided product for review & giveaway
Virginia Boys Kitchen Cutting Board Review
All my cutting boards in my kitchen are either walnut or bamboo. Why bamboo? It’s cheap and a renewable resource. Why walnut? So many reasons! I love the look of dark, rich walnut. wood. Plus, walnut is a hard wood with dense . . .

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Thermapen MK4 Review & Giveaway

Thermoworks provided review and giveaway unit. Thermoworks has been a long-time supporter and partner! We love them!
Thermapen MK4 Review
Thermoworks makes the world’s best cooking thermometers. I first heard of them years ago, on Alton Brown’s Good Eats television show, and the again and again from some of my chef friends.

The Thermapen is their best selling product, . . .

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Raw Spice Bar Review & Giveaway

Raw Spice Bar Review
The the biggest complaints about buying spices are: Too expensive! — and — How can I use the entire bottle before it goes bad?

Oh, one more: What if I don’t like it?

Raw Spice Bar solves all of these problems and introduces you the the world of flavor with their $6 per month + free . . .

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kindle fire hdx 2

Amazon Fire HDX 7 Giveaway #2

Amazon is providing the Kindle Fire HDX for the giveaway. We are giving away 5 Kindle Fire HDXs! This is the second unit (enter #1 Amazon Fire giveaway here).  ~Jaden

I’ve known since the days when the site was all text, and the logo was some funky “A” with a river running through it! In 1995, I . . .

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gourmesso review-1

Gourmesso Bolivia Pura Mezzo & Giveaway

We’re big fans of Gourmesso, the Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules! I had the chance to chat with CEO Daniel Buelhoff last week about Gourmesso and other business ventures that he’s exploring. Daniel was fun to chat with, so full of energy and enthusiasm for food….and good coffee.

Our Nespresso machine is getting great use – every afternoon, my . . .

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imusa espresso maker review 3

Imusa Bistro Espresso Coffee Maker Review & Giveaway

Imusa provided product for review and giveaway.
Imusa Espresso Maker Review
The firstIMUSA product I tried was a bright orange caldero, a Latin cooking pot used for soups, beans and rice. It was the perfect size and a great price.IMUSA began as cookware company specializing in Hispanic products, with tortilla warmers, tortilla presses and of course, the caldero. . . .

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budsies review giveaway

Budsies Review & Giveaway

Budsies is providing the giveaway prize.

There aren’t very many kids’ toys that I find exciting enough to write about. That’s why I’m thrilled to share with you Budsies, a company that can turn your child’s drawings into a custom, hand made, one of a kind stuffed animal.

They’ve been recently featured on Shark Tank:

They are priced . . .

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boxxle review

Boxxle Review & Giveaway

Boxxle provided product for review and giveaway.

We love boxed wine. But we hate the packaging. Despite so many articles lauding the quality of some boxed wines, it’s still a little tacky to clunk down a big box of wine on your counter for guests or worse yet, gift a box of wine to a hostess.

That’s . . .

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custom chefs knife-2502

$139 G-Fusion Mini Chopper

I’ve been using New West Knifeworks knives for the past 7 years. They’re made in the U.S.A. and are of an exceptional quality.
Why are their chef’s knives considered the very best?
The blades are hand-forged Damascus steel; pattern-welded in-house combining 1095 tool steel and 15N20 nickel tool steel.  These hand ground blades have a heft and . . .

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