Fail-proof Easter Ham Recipes

easter feat

  I have grand plans for this Easter – but it involves Buddha and God granting a sunny but not too hot day to us. Instead of our usual lavish feast inside the house, I’d love to do a casual Easter picnic in our backyard – something not too fussy yet still special. No family in town this year for …


Easter Ham with Grilled Peaches


[Those potatoes are Miso Mashed Potatoes Recipe] Don’t be intimidated by a big ol’ Easter ham. First of all, it’s fully cooked already (unless you’re buying country ham, which is an entirely different thing altogether) and all you’re doing is warming it back up, slowly. Seriously! You can do it! The recipes I create for ham are soooo simple, fruit …


Nutella Bread Pudding

Nutella Bread Pudding Recipe - final

Store-bought croissants make the perfect Nutella Bread Pudding for this holidays. Total of 10 minutes hands-on time!


Blackberry Rum Glazed Ham (for 2-4)


I’m not normally a think-ahead type of gal. It’s hard for me to cook a Easter feast 2 weeks before the holiday. But I understand how recipe searching goes – people want to browse recipes BEFORE the holiday to get ideas on what to cook ON the holiday! I’ve been in the kitchen, pretending it’s Easter and cookin’ up some …