Rolo Pretzel Turtles Recipe


    Update 11/17/11 An oldie but goodie! Perfect for the holidays. Kids love to make these.  Update 12/8/09: I’m so thrilled to announce that I’m a featured blogger on Oprah ~ come see our Holiday Features! I think this will be the first year in the history of Steamy Kitchen that I’m not hosting Christmukkah as planned. And honey, …

Thanksgiving Round Up


  Thanksgiving Ideas Here’s lots of inspiration for your Thanksgiving table! Here are some of my top picks for your menu. Appetizers and Bites Roasted Cauliflower with Bacon and Garlic Flank Steak on Goat Cheese on Toast Prosciutto and Ricotta Crostini with Honey Warm Spinach Mascarpone Dip Simple Pate a Choux and Cheese Puffs Yorkshire Pudding Recipe  Veggies and Sides …

Nutella Bread Pudding

Nutella Bread Pudding Recipe - final

Store-bought croissants make the perfect Nutella Bread Pudding for this holidays. Total of 10 minutes hands-on time!

Prosperity Cakes (Fatt Gou)


A very simple 4-ingredient steamed Prosperity Cakes Recipe shared by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan on my other site, New Asian Cuisine.

Smoky Sweet Spicy Wings


A couple of weeks ago, I headed over to Baltimore Maryland to get school on spices, along with my buds Jenny, Shauna and Nicole. What do you do at spice school? We eat, of course! Their amazing culinary team fed us every couple of hours, in fact, our meeting space was inside McCormick’s Asian kitchen (built-in wok!) and our “class” …