Home Grown Star Anise


A lovely reader sent a package of his homegrown star anise spice. Have you ever used star anise before? Normally, when I buy them at the Asian market, they look like they’ve been picked through – none of the “stars” even resemble stars. Upon opening the bag, there is a dusty, musty smell. Not these. These are fresh and dried …


Grow: Aquaponic Strawberry Runners

2014-07-15 11.21.34

This is just a quick fun little “how to” post on how we are propagating strawberry runners in our aquaponics garden. This method will also work well in a hydroponic system as well. Surprisingly simple, effective and inexpensive method makes quick work of expanding your strawberry patch or replacing older plants. we obviously need to expand the number of strawberry …


Grow: Harvest Grow Bags Review

2014-07-14 12.42.56

I will be upfront about this, Architec Housewares reached out to us with information about their Homegrown Gourmet product line. I was immediately interested as one of their first lines read “It’s the first of its kind to offer home growers all the tools they need to grow, serve and preserve their own homegrown produce.” Right down my alley. We …


Grow: Aquaponincs, what to do when disaster strikes

2014-05-16 08.51.11

Now I will admit I am a lazy gardener. If there is an easier, simpler way of growing my own food then I will try it. The ease of an Aquaponics garden is one of the things that appealed to me. Once an aquaponic garden is set and running, for the most part it is really simple gardening. Very little …


Aquaponics Sweet Potatoes Update


Harvest Time! We have been diligently watering our potatoes in a barrel daily, and patiently waiting till it was time to harvest. From what I gather you are supposed to wait till the leaves turn yellow and then harvest. Seems our plants want to keep on growing. They have overflown the barrel and are maintaining a vibrant green color. Unfortunately …


Grow: Foolproof Hydroponic Gardening in a Tub


If you think hydroponic gardening is difficult or expensive – you’re wrong! A simple tub (or even a milk jug) and a handful of easy-to-find (and cheap) products and you can hack yourself a hydroponics garden. I wanted to title this post “The Easiest Hydroponics Ever” or “Set It and Forget It Method” or “No Excuses Growing Method”. But Tub …


Grow: Hydroponics and Aquaponics Update


Hello everyone! I’ve been “sustainable gardening” for over a year now — with the aquaponics, hydroponics and microgreens. Some of our experiments are GREAT…. and some….well….let me just show you: Things That Worked Hydroponic Sweet Potatoes (in a barrel) From our Potatoes in A Barrel Experiment – the sweet potatoes are growing like crazy! I have added more media into the container 3 …


Grow: Difference Between Microgreens, Sprouts and Baby Greens

Sunflower Cotyledons With First True Leaves

We have been getting a good number of inquiries about microgreens. Seems we have tapped into some curiosity with our original introduction to our microgreens operations. A common question that we get asked frequently is “What is the difference between microgreens, sprouts and baby greens?” That’s a fantastic question! If we were to boil the difference down, the short answer …


Mystery Killer Caught on Camera


Our 5-acre homestead is situated perfect for isolation. To our left is a another 5-acre field that’s empty – and beyond that our neighbors have 10 beautiful acres. Behind us is a 40 acre preserve – sort of like a rat’s nest of thick prickly pokey Florida bush, palm trees, oak trees with overgrown moss that hang from tall branches …


Grow: The Microgreens Mad Scientist

growing microgreens-1037

I’m so excited to share with you Scott’s latest hobby – actually my FAVORITE hobby of his (the other being Single Malt Scotch – bleh). We’ve converted an entire room that’s located right next to his greenhouse into his Mad Scientist Studio.  Here’s Scott to tell you about his project! – and towards the end of the post, a review …


Welcome to Grow!


I am excited to say we are adding a new section to Steamy Kitchen called Grow! OK, it’s not really a new section, but rather a new sub section under our Homestead heading. It’s focus will be on growing your own food. It’s mission – to inspire you to grow something, anything you might use in your kitchen. It’s an …


Our Aquaponic Potatoes In A Barrel Experiment

Growing Sweet Potatoes

We’re getting excited! Our primary growing season here in Florida is nearly upon us. We are hard at work prepping the raised beds, earthboxes, and updating the aquaponics system. We’ll be sharing what we learned from phase 1 of our aquaponics in an upcoming post as well as introduce you to phase 2. In the mean time, we wanted to …