Steamy Kitchen on Daytime TV!

I’ve been so excited all weekend that I just couldn’t focus or concentrate on anything other than making the pile of chocolates and wine in my home disappear as quickly as possible, leftover from this segment last week on CBS:


Steamy Kitchen Cookbook Update

7 more days. 6 more days and my edits are due…. It will come out Fall ’09! I cooked and photographed all the dishes – it was a TON of work. No time to chat…but here’s a quick Steamy Kitchen Cookbook Promo Video! A Quick Video….


Kobe Beef Steak Burgers on CBS

Yesterday I got to do a live segment on CBS on location at a restaurant right in the heart of hoppin’ Superbowl frenzy. It was my first time doing a live segment outside of the television studio, and honey, I gotta say that it’s SO MUCH FUN! My segment’s theme was “Affordable Luxuries” and I wanted to feature Kobe Style …


Chinese New Year Recipes – Party Like It’s 4707!

Don’t put away your party shoes just yet! I know you think that the new year celebrations are over, but for many Asians all over the world, the biggest holiday is yet to come! January 26th is the beginning of Chinese New Year, a 15-day long celebration and the start of year 4707 according to the Chinese calendar. Each year …

Menu For Hope: Dear Santa Edition

A quiet place to eat…a boy in Lesotho and children at school in Lesotho. Pics from Chez Pim – here are the rest of the series of photos. Pimpin’ Out Prizes As of Monday morning, we’ve surpassed $20,000! Still a long ways to go to catch up to last year’s record number of $91,000, so I’m pimping out some of …


What the Heck Did I Say to Ming Tsai?

Just when I thought Steamy Kitchen would be without this recording of a convo I had with superstar Chef Ming Tsai on the phone , the fabuleux Lenny of Chez Us came to my rescue and helped me put up the recording! Here are the highlights of my chat with Chef Ming Tsai: (0:01) I had made one of his …


2008 Menu For Hope: Calling for Prizes!

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? We’ve just experienced one of the most volitile years in recent memories (ok, remember I’m only 22), the fall(ing) of economy, the yo-yo-ing of gas prices, smashing of racial barriers, a man who would never make a very good Sopranos character (dude. what a lame mobster you’d make. seriously.)  and holy Kato Kaelin! …


Steamy Kitchen’s Big Holiday Giveaway

This year, I want to make each holiday gift really count, as I’m being frugal AND thoughtful. I’ve got to be careful and really teach the bebes about the value of money and the art of selecting the perfect gift for each person. I’m not doing a great job, as yesterday I gave Andrew $33 to shop for me, Scott, …


Andrew Solving the World’s Problems

We just got back from 5 days of pure blissdom and I haven’t quite gotten back into the groove of reality yet – I’m still half expecting Luscious to show up with 2 drinks in hand and a massage table. The kids had a blast at their Mini Club Med – which should be renamed to “God’s Gift to Parent …


Dear Buddha wondering if the afterlife includes Passionfruit Caipirinhas?

Scott and I on the beach. See my magic bracelet? LOVE all-inclusive resorts! We’ve all arrived safely in the Dominican Republic, and are totally taking advantage of the “all inclusive” spirit of Club Med Punta Cana. This place is simply heaven, as I’m sitting here at the outdoor bar, sipping Passionfruit Caipirinha and gazing longingly at the sparkling turquoise blue …


Mom’s Surprise + Knife Winners

On the set of CBS10 in Tampa – pouring drinks and showing how to open a pomegranate without a squirty mess <- short video clip Last week, my mom, dad and handsome, smart, cardiologist, SINGLE brother from California came to visit us in Florida and see the kids. We usually have family visits a few times a year, but generally …