Cheating Little Duck!

homestead update-5542

Each morning, after breakfast and before school, the kids go out and do their morning chores, which includes feeding the chickens, gathering eggs, watering the garden and feeding the ducks. We started out with 2 ridiculously handsome Pekin ducklings and 1 Khaki Campbell duckling but lost one of the Pekin to either an eagle or hawk. We can now tell that Nibbles …


Buster Blue: May 27, 2012 – August 26, 2013


Our sweet Buster Blue passed away yesterday. May doggie heaven be full of big bones to chew…. ….big fish to catch… …fluffy down pillows to sleep on… …baby ducks to sniff… …no baths…. …and new best friends… *** Pythiosis: Swamp Cancer Buster’s death was sudden. We didn’t even have a chance to say our goodbyes. For the past few days, …


Steamy Kitchen Triple Whammy


In any normal situation, I wouldn’t take a photo of myself right after an hour’s worth of tennis playing in 95F Florida heat, where the air is so muggy, thick and humid you practically chew every breath. I think one of my eyelids melted off. (Don’t ask my why I live in South Florida until January, when I’m in my …


Spiralizer Comparison

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My new obsession: vegetable spiralizers! My friend Cheri from The Watering Mouth introduced me to this amazing recipe for Zucchini Pasta with Creamy Avocado Sauce and ever since we’ve been pulling out all my different spiralizers that I’ve collected and we’ve finally done a really thorough comparison. You can get a great idea of what they all do and which …


How we edit food photos

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Hello my friends! This year, I’ve had so many food bloggers ask me how we process and organize all of the tens of thousands of photos and videos on Steamy Kitchen. I thought I’d create a little video on our workflow with my friend and Steamy Kitchen assistant, Cheri Alberts of The Watering Mouth. I’m lucky to have someone so …

Food Blog Forum Orlando

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Every year, we keep out-doing ourselves when creating Food Blog Forum events. It’s a great thing (I’m not complaining), but one of these days, there will be no way to “wow” food bloggers unless we host the event on a cruise ship to the Caribbean. Hmmm…..maybe…one day. What Todd, Diane, Scott and I love most about FBF is that the …


Our Family Motto: Magical Moments


I want to share something with you, a video that gives you a little glimpse into our everyday lives. The video is a present from our “family” – Todd and Diane of White on Rice Couple. Scott and I had a chance to see them for a few minutes right before our talk at the International Assocation of Culinary Professionals …


What to eat for Chinese New Year Infographic


Chinese New Year begins February 10, 2013! The Chinese have a long list of superstitions of what to eat/not to eat….here are some of the most important!     Gong Hay Fat Choy! From top left: My Mother’s Famous Chinese Egg Rolls or Vegetable Spring Rolls with video (egg rolls look like gold bars, which symbolize wealth)  Chinese Boiled Pork Dumplings (also symbolize …


Healthy Asian Favorites Excerpt and Book Launch Party


It’s our family tradition to start every party with food….LOTS OF FOOD. Well, this party is no different! My brand new book, Steamy Kitchen’s Healthy Asian Favorites, launches tomorrow across bookstores everywhere! Friends online are helping me celebrate all week by cooking a recipe from the book. I hope you have a chance this week to head over to each of …


Presenting…..the TRAILER!

family shot for Healthy Asian Favorites Cookbook

When did cookbooks start involving video trailers like movies?! Isn’t that just nuts? Well, now I have my very own trailer, courtesy of our extended “family” – Todd and Diane of White On Rice Couple. They spent a couple of days with us, filmed us cooking, eating, playing and talking about the book, Steamy Kitchen Healthy Asian Favorites. The book …


Kikkoman Sweepstakes: Win $1,000 Towards Cooking Classes!


  Since starting Steamy Kitchen, I’ve been making it a point to learn about the people behind the products that I feed my family. Not only is the quality of the product important, but the integrity and goodness of the team is, too. Kikkoman asked me to watch this documentary called Make Haste Slowly: The Kikkoman Creed, which was directed …


Give the Gift of Steamy Kitchen for the Holidays


Get your holiday shopping done early! If you’d like to give someone special a Steamy Kitchen’s Healthy Asian Favorites cookbook for the holidays, click the link to pre-order one! Then you can click on these postcards and print them out as IOUs.  As soon as the cookbooks are published, it will be sent directly to your friend on February 5, 2013! …