Calling for Cookbook Recipe Testers!

Interested in recipe testing? I’m looking for a few recipe testers to help out with….um….recipe testing. The cookbook will be “Modern Asian: fast, fresh and simple enough for tonight’s supper” (yup! just like what my blog header says! It includes 100 recipes + 160 color photographs…


Roasted Chicken with Sweet Plum Sauce

Part of being a good parent is teaching your kids how to eat well, you know, the whole balanced meal and limiting junk thing. Yes, I know my responsibilities well. But seriously, most kids these days register only 3 taste sensations: sweet, salty and gross. As a lover of all things …


How this food adventure all started…

o, you curious about how I started teaching cooking classes? It wasn’t that long ago, 3 years ago to be exact. While this published in my weekly food column in Tampa Tribune, I wanted to share the column with you guys here on the blog as well. The point of sharing how I started is because…


Doodlepad gone mad

This is what happens whenkids with wild imaginations learn to draw stick figures. The one on the right was drawn by Nathan…he says, “Daddy has long legs!” And then Andrew drew me. All these years of changing diapers, nurturing, feeding, loving…


Size DOES Matter.

Boy, is this ever awkward. I just wrote a “Dear John” letter in Tampa’s Creative Loafing, and I’m here at your doorstep already. Breakups are never easy to do, so I simply told truth: I’m leaving for someone more sophisticated, older and who has a larger masthead….


Dear John….

Dear John, We’ve had a whirlwind of a romance these past 6 months. You’ve been a wonderful partner but, sadly, I must go. I’ve found someone else. And no, I’m not fucking Matt Damon…


A Post: Words Not Needed

I am never a woman with few words. But I think the story of what happened last weekend may not really require any explanation.