Friday Favorites

A man’s heart is through his stomach, not his laundry! This Halloween, ditch the French Maid Costume, how about a sexy-ishy Strawberry Shortcake.       This is an actual commercial from Fiji for the Fiji Meat Man. Can you imagine if this ran in the U.S.!??? Creepola!         Must have for milk-lovers: an udderly cool pitcher. …


Miso Soup Recipe

Step by step video for 10 minute miso soup recipe with Jaden Hair and Food Network Star Aarti Sequiera.


Chinese Boiled Pork Dumplings


My mom is a Chinese dumpling wrapping queen. She can mix up a batch of filling ingredients and fold them into perfect, little half-moon dumplings faster than the time it takes me to set the table. Mom will usually sit at the breakfast table facing the television and while watching her favorite Chinese soap opera, she’ll be pleating those suckers …


Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites this week are from Jess Daniel! A shoutout to Oktoberfest 2009: When I was sixteen, I spent a summer in a tiny town in Bavaria, just South of Munich. It was a summer of many firsts: first kiss, first schnitzel, first glimpse of H&M, and perhaps most importantly, my introduction to the joy of German beer. Ever since, …