No-Bake Summertime Lasagne


What makes me happy: Pasta. Loads of it.What makes me and my electricity bill not-so-happy: Turning on the oven in the summertime. My electricity bill last month was so high, I wept. So, for the rest of the summer, we’re going to conserve as much as possible, limiting oven use, turning on the television less (goodbye Mythbusters!), spend more time …

Last Look? Clean Beach


Last night, before I took off to NYC, we took the boys to the rotating restaurant at St. Petersburg Florida beach, just 45 minutes away from our home. To take a long look at the beach before the oil comes. Oh, it will just spoil this gorgeous sand. While the boys LOVED that the restaurant rotated around and around and …

Crawfish Boil


Great Father’s Day idea: Farmed crawfish from Louisiana is safe and sustainable! Last night, we hosted a crawfish boil for friends (this photo is from last year -last night we were too hungry to even bother with the camera). I bought 10lbs of live crawfish from one of my fav suppliers, Louisiana Crawfish Company.  They are family-owned and located in …

Artisan Beef Burger Tasting


Carrie Oliver knows her beef. And luckily, she’s one of my very good friends and loves to send me on happy beef adventures, including an Artisan Steak Tasting a couple of years ago and more recently an Artisan Burger Tasting, which I actually enjoyed even more. If you’ve never heard of artisan beef tasting – in short – not all …

12 Events


Interesting read/watch – 12 events that will change everything from Scientific American (hat tip @guykawasaki)

Flag Day!

Flag pic

  Flag Day at SK on TastyKitchen

BBQ Sword


oooh…for the dad who has everything…I bet he doesn’t have this BBQ Sword!! (Found via Divine Caroline)