Redlove Era Apple

New apple called Redlove Era is red to the core and won’t brown. Beauty! Created through cross-pollination and grafting. Read rest of story on SlashFood.


Funky Nail Art

Now this is some funky nail art for foodies! Not my kinda thing – I’d never be able to type! 😉 (via Gizmodiva) (via Oddee) (via Gizmodiva) (via Cakehead)   Yes, there’s even a vending machine for nail art!



Deep in the folds of suburbia, we witness two small human creatures about to engage in a ritual of courtship. The first step of this ritual has commenced. Just seconds ago, boy human adorned his target female with garlands of jewels. She seems unimpressed. Sensing her disinterest, boy human moves to the next step of the game. Washing windows. Let’s …


Food Blog Forum Atlanta

Atlanta Food Bloggers and Food Professionals! White on Rice Couple and I hosting another 1-day seminar. Food Blog Forum Atlanta Eventbrite Page