SmartFarm Update

Update to the Update! We’ve gone a different direction for the farm – read about it here, see all the Urban Farm updates here.   This, my friends, is the future home of the SmartFarm. There’s not much there now, but that right there is about 10-acres. A whole lot of land to develop! The property is fenced in to …


Andrew not happy

Pulled the kids away from their Nintendo to help me with envelopes for the SmartFarm. Dirty look.


Cook’s Journey to Japan

Currently reading Cooks Journey to Japan….LOVE!!!! I have bookmarked 12 recipes I want to try. Right now. Tonight. I’m hungry.


Korean Beef Rice Bowl

Last week was “Sneak zucchini on  your neighbor’s porch day” – and lo and behold, I got a few on my doorstep. Except none of my neighbors have gardens. It’s a complete mystery, and I appreciate the thoughtful gesture. I guess if anyone could find a use for zucchini on my block, it would be me. Though I’m hoping the …

Back Camera


Before During After


Street Girls

My trip to NYC for BlogHer started off with a little hiccup, and it had everything to do with three bloggers’ naivety about NYC traffic and overestimation of our lady skills in attracting a cab. Ree, Elise and I were supposed to host an award for the SocialLuxe party – we were to be on stage at 6:20pm on the …