Bar Basque Chestnut Soup

Evening at Bar Basque in NYC with my date, the Roaming Gnome + recipe for Bar Basque Chestnut Soup over on my column at TLC.


Salad Pride

Here’s a new site I found – an entire blog for salads. Seafood, vegan, raw, vegetarian, meat salads are featured alongside beautiful photography. The salads are creative, even catching the eyes of two little boys who are sitting right next to me as I create this post. We’ve each picked out our favorites. My picks: Feta Cheese, Sweet Potato and …


They Draw and Cook; We Fish

We’ve been fishing a lot lately, it’s the perfect weather to do so, the fish are hungry and our pond in the backyard is nice and quiet. These next two photos are my favorite – the Scott and the kids are just so content waiting patiently for the fish to bite.   Sometimes, they’ll be out there for a couple …