Egg Nests


Elise of Simply Recipes shows you how to make Egg Nests, a recipe inspired by the whimsically illustrated 1963 French children’s cookbook called La cuisine est un jeu d’enfants, or “Cooking is Child’s Play.” The egg whites are whipped into foam then gruyere cheese is folded in. The egg yolk is carefully nestled in the middle and the entire thing …

Giveaway: Plate to Pixel Book


One of my very good friends, Helene Dujardin of Tartelette, just came out with her first book called Plate to Pixel!If you love taking photos of food (like all of us food & recipe bloggers!) this book is an absolute treasure of advice. Helene will show you all the tricks of the trade on food . . .


What the Frack?


What Will Fracking Do to Your Food Supply? The controversial gas-drilling practice is tainting water. Your food might be next. by Barry Estabrook May 14, 2011 There’s a stunning moment in the Academy Award-nominated documentary Gasland, where a man touches a match to his running faucet—to have it explode in a ball of fire. This is what hydraulic fracturing, a …


Corn Kerneler


This summer, if you’re a neat freak, this $13 Corn Kerneler would be for you. Zips the corn right off! Fun looking contraption, I guess with that little spout you don’t even need a fork or spoon, just tip into your mouth!

Giveaway: Wusthof Classic Ikon Santoku


I already use the Wusthof Ikon series chef’s knife and paring knife and for the past two weeks I’ve been testing out this Santoku. What I love about the Ikon series is that it’s one of the most balanced knives I’ve ever used. The handle is perfect for smaller hands – it just fits . . .




Yesterday morning, after forcing myself to get up and sending the boys off to school, I collapsed back to sleep on the couch. There was absolutely no reason why I was so tired, I had gotten a full night’s sleep, hung around all weekend long without answering a single email and even assigned myself zero responsibilities for Monday. I oculd …


Baby Artichokes with Garlic and Tomatoes


  But don’t be fooled by the name “baby artichoke” as they’re not “baby” or “immature” artichoke at all. An artichoke plant will sprout several regular sized artichokes near the top of the plant and much smaller ones near the bottom of the plant, which are labeled as “baby artichokes.” Clever marketing, eh? The smaller artichokes have the same flavor the …


Fish with Citrus Caper Sauce


When it comes to fish, simple is best. This Fish with Citrus Caper Sauce Recipe only takes 10 minutes to cook, start to finish. I’ve used a combination of orange and lemon, capers, white wine and then finished it with a bit of butter.

Giveaway: Calphalon Wok


Classic Nonstick Everyday Pan with Glass Lid (10-in.) by CalphalonI’ve been testing several brands of nonstick woks and this Calphalon is one of my favorites. The size and shape of the wok is perfect for a family of 4-6 and the glass lid lets you see the food cooking. The Calphalon wok also . . .

Soy Braised Chicken


Recipe for Soy Braised Chicken from Singapore Cooking Cookbook on my other site, New Asian Cuisine.