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Singing with Jewel and David Tutera

Wow. Just after typing the post title, “Singing with Jewel and David Tutera”, I had to re-read and say, “REALLY!? Did this really happen!?” PINCH PINCH PINCH!!!! Well, technically yes, I really did share a song with them. However, we were singing in squeaky, nasal, high-pitched voices like elves, wore gyrating elf hats and danced like fools. Well, David and …


Giveaway: Treatful $100 Gift Card

Today we have partnered with to offer one lucky Steamy Kitchen reader the chance to win a $100 gift card for Christmas. With this gift card you will be able to go to some fantastic restaurants in some pretty amazing cities.Treatful $100 Gift Card GiveawayIncluded in this giveaway:one (1) $100 Gift Card for Treatful . . .


Giveaway: Jif New Classics Recipe Contest Giveaway

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Revealing how utterly whack-o my life is

I remember hosting my very first sleepover – I was 8 years old and my best friend, Christy who lived around the corner. We’d sneak flashlights under the sleeping bags and talk all night about Barbie dolls and roller skating. In jr. high, my girlfriends and I would lip sync and dance to Lucky Star, She-bop and Girls Just Wanna …


Click and Cluck

My husband’s been working hard the past couple of weeks building the new Chicken Palace for our 5 birds who have quickly outgrown the coop we bought locally. Scott designed the entire coop on paper and then on transfering the plan to Google Sketchup for a 3D model. It’s pretty darn cool – and I’ll let him share the plans with you …


Fun Finds

1. Sweet as Honey Housewarming Party from Paper and Pigtails Party 2. Fluffy Pancakes with Coconut, Qlin Art 3. The most perfect cheese platter, Whole Foods Le Gruyere Reserve-Grandcour Dairy Aged 12 months: The history of Le Gruyere dates back to 1249.  Produced in Switzerland in the canton (state) of Vaud, WFM has hand selected the Grandcour Dairy to produce …


Giveaway: Marx Foods Oyster Sampler

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Enter for a chance to win a delicious Yuzu sauce collection from Earthy Delights. These sauces are fantastic on just about anything. Earthy Delights Yuzu Hot Sauce Collection GiveawayIncluded in this giveaway:one (1) Yuzu Hot Sauce Collection (4 sauces including in the collection!)From Earthy Delights:Earthy Delights is America’s premier supplier of specialty foods to quality . . .