Fun Finds

Petite Treat Stands Ball Mason Jar Votive Lantern–Made to Order Blanco Solon Compost System Bacon Hearts for Valentine’s Day Egg Candles Beautiful Handmade Cutting Boards Wellies on the Rocks Easy diy garage storage for all kinds of gear. A Fast Way to Bake a Cookie: Use a Waffle Iron!


Giveaway: Kindle Fire

So I’ve been getting a few emails from readers wondering when I’m going to give a little love non-Apple lovers… in anything but the iPad. While I’m a big fan of Apple products (I think I own every single product they make), I am also a big massive fan of How can I resist not . . .


Teflon Heart Health Skillet Giveaway

Teflon Heart Health Skillet GiveawayHow to Enter the Teflon Heart Health Skillet GiveawayFill in the entry form below:For good contest karma: Follow Teflon on Twitter and Like their Facebook Page!


Cookbook Shoot

My head is still spinning from the past few days – we just finished a whirlwind session of photography for my next book (another easy Asian cookbook). This time, instead of doing it all by myself, I enlisted the help of Todd, Diane and Jenna to protect my sanity. Originally, I had planned on having T&D style and shoot the book …