Avocado Oil from Chosen Foods

Giveaway: Avocado Oil from Chosen Foods

About Avocado Oil:
Chosen Foods naturally refined, expeller pressed avocado oil is crafted using the finest Mexican Hass avocados. Our oil is loaded with antioxidants, monounsaturated fats (more than olive oil!), and has a smooth, mild flavor that enhances other foods without overpowering. With the highest smoke point among any cooking oil (500°F), you can safely . . .

Ninja Cooking System

Giveaway: Ninja Cooking System

all about the Ninja® Cooking System
Now you can make complete homemade meals easier, healthier and more delicious! The revolutionary Triple FusionHeatTM technology coming from the bottom and sides of the pot, in addition to the internal super-heated steam, allows you to prepare meals that will save time, reduce fat, and add more flavors to your . . .

Collector's Copper Cup

Giveaway: Jacob Bromwell Collector’s Copper Cup

all about the Jacob Bromwell Collector’s Copper Cup

100% handmade to order by the folks at Bromwell – no two are exactly alike.
Both decorative and functional, this copper cup will stay in your family for generations.
Dimensions: Small Cup: 5 long x 3.5 diameter x 3.5 tall (in inches) & Large Cup: 5 long x 3.5 diameter . . .


Giveaway: 6 Month Supply of Annie’s Pizzas

About Annie’s
Kids are happy because they enjoy the great taste of rising crust pizza. Parents are happy because Annie’s features an organic crust made with whole grains, savory organic tomato sauce, mozzarella & provolone cheeses and is large enough to feed the entire family.

Made with Organic Flour & Tomatoes
No Artificial Flavors or Synthetic Colors
Naturally Rising . . .

SousVide Giveaway

Giveaway: $150 Gift Card for SousVideSupreme.com

Pictured are the SousVide Supreme and SousVide Demi.
Watch this video to learn all about sous vide cooking:

About Sous vide
Sous vide (meaning “under vacuum” in French) is a gourmet culinary technique that involves cooking food in vacuum-sealed pouches, submerged in a water bath held at a precisely controlled temperature. Used by professional chefs worldwide, the SousVide . . .


My hens are teenagers

This summer, our little itty bitty baby chicks that arrived in April began laying eggs. It usually takes about 6 months before chickadees develop into egg-layers, and like an impatient mother, I kept looking in the coop twice a day to check if my babies were growing right. Well, grow they did! And fast, too – these kids spend most …


Roasted Pumpkin Recipe

This week is time to celebrate. For the first time since March, I can open the doors and windows of my house without the outside blowing in hot, humid, furnace-like air. In the mornings and late at night, it actually feels like we don’t live in the jungle. That makes my morning! Despite the weather being manageable in the early morning …


Giveaway: Best Spatula Ever by GIR

This is my kind of product! Something so simple, yet has countless features that have been thought through. Love the rainbow assortment of colors. GIR has a Kickstarter Campaign, and within days, exceeded their original goal of $15,000. This giveaway is for one of the very first spatulas that have come off the assembly line. . . .


Miso Butter Shrimp Recipe

When shrimp goes on sale, I always snag a bag or two of frozen shrimp. There’s no use getting the defrosted shrimp behind the glass partition, that shrimp was just the same frozen shrimp, but defrosted. I figure, the less hands that have touched my shrimp, the better. Despite being a mother of 2 boys and having an immune system …


Halloween Skull Cake

My good friend and long-distance assistant, Julie from The Little Kitchen, came over a few weeks ago for a visit. I’m not a very good baker, thus the lack of fancy cakes and sweets on this blog. But Julie is. So I roped her into helping me bake a Halloween themed cake using a skull pan from Wilton. Nathan wanted …