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Is your cake stand never the right size? Try this one, it even has suction cups! Dinky shellfish and nut crackers always makes my hand sore. These pliers are the best I’ve ever tried. A carving set on sale at 55% off – Wusthof makes the best!  Need an extra oven for your holiday cooking? This baby cooks up to …

Giveaway: The Boys’ Club Ultimate Budget Bar Kit

The Boys' Club - Ultimate Budget Bar Kit Giveaway

My food bloggin’ buddies, Brian, Russell and Ken came together to start a new blog called The Boys’ Club to share cocktails and the stories behind them!

Look at the beautiful photography…there’s the Singpore Sling by Ken, the Brandy Plum Sour by Russell and the Classic Negroni by Brian. For more delicious cocktails, check out their blog.

And . . .

Giveaway: VTech Design Phone

VTech CS6519 Red Phone Giveaway

From VTech Phones: This cordless phone system in designer red comes with Caller ID/Call Waiting and a handset speakerphone. With the touch of a button, the speakerphone makes hands-free conversations easy. It has a quiet mode and an ECO mode that allows for power-conserving and manages consumption for optimal battery performance.

VTech Design Phone & Gift . . .

Giveaway: PaperlessKitchen Starter Kit

Paperless Kitchen Skoy

I’m a big fan of a paperless kitchen, well – as much as possible! These Skoy cloths are amazing – super absorbant and you can wash them in the washer or top rack of dishwasher. ~ jaden

The Skoy Cloth is the perfect alternative to the paper towel in your kitchen. This versatile cloth is extremely . . .


Birth Canal Challenge


Our big children’s museum is called, MOSI in Tampa. It’s a massive facility, very well funded and one of the best kids museums in the world. We even have a zipline where you can soar 700 feet in the air and pretend you’re Superman. I imagine that the job of “Children’s Museum Director” must be quite fun. I’d probably take that job …