Japanese Noodles with Shimeji Mushroom

Here’s what you’ll learn: 20-minute easy Japanese mushroom noodle dish Use any type of mushrooms Use any type of pasta or noodles As promised, here is the start of my Japanese Mushroom Recipe Collection. The first recipe I made was a super-simple noodle dish that came from one of my favorite Japanese cookbooks – The Japanese Kitchen by Kimiko Barber. For my …

Pan Seared Steak Rolls

from my column in Tampa Tribune Tat-tat-taaaat-tat-tat-taaaat-tat! That, my friends, is the beautiful sing-song sound of Chef Martin Yan’s cleaver as he chops bok choy. In fact, everything about Martin is musical, from the lyrical harmony of his Chinese accent (yes, it’s real – I asked) to the way he rhythmically pulses the food processor. Brrrrrr-brr.brr-brrrrr.


15 Minute Asian Noodles

During freshman year of college, I lived off of Kraft mac ‘n cheese and Cocoa Puffs. Not because I couldn’t cook-but because Mother never let us have awful artificially flavored junk food in our household since it would “OH MY GOD, ROT OUR TEETH.” Never mind that our home had chipped lead paint, asbestos in the attic and …