Sprinkling Julienned Bits of Love and Joy

Thanks for all the advice and opinions. I think I’m comfortable enough to use my real name because I generally just stick to writing about food and not the people who live down the street that let their flea-infested dog crap on my front lawn. I figure that if I can make fun of myself almost as often as I poke fun at someone else, the world will go on spinning. If I can’t publish something and stand behind it, then I probably shouldn’t have said it at all.

I really think as a food blogger, I have some sort of responsibility to self-edit and sprinkle perfectly julienned bits of love and joy to all of mankind. Oh yeah, and world peace.

Great thing is that I always have the strikethrough option, so when I say “sometimes I sprinkle Splenda on my salad” I can strike and and pretend that you couldn’t read that. Its kind of a built in “do-over” and whatever I said doesn’t count towards my karma.

And to those people at the she-male site who obviously are fans of my site, I’ve come to accept that TRANSVESTITES ARE FOODIES TOO.

Just don’t touch me.