Lobster Mini-Me’s

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Other than our weekend fishing excursions when we were kids, we also used to catch crawfish in the river. Mom used to go to the market, buy a whole chicken to use as bait. Tie a string around the whole bird, lower it in the river and wait. I don’t remember if we simply used it raw or if she cooked the bird. I’m assuming that since crawfish resemble lobster, lobster are expensive, people who enjoy lobster have fine palates, therefore crawfish must like garlic-lemon roasted chicken.

I’m sure that when we lowered a perfectly brined and cooked bird, we probably caught more crawfish. But what a shame to give up the gorgeous, plump, juicy bird.

So, back to the story. We’d lower the bird in the river, the crawfish would nibble on the chicken, using their little claws to get a good grip and secure their spot on the chicken. Then we’d pull the rope, dragging the chicken + the crawfish dumb enough not to let go to shore. The poor chicken, all mangled and chewed up gets thrown back in over and over again until it becomes an unrecognizable carcass.


I don’t remember how Mom cooked them…probably some Chinese style with ginger and green onions. But now, the only way I’ll eat them is once a year, have them fedex’d to my door from Louisiana Crawfish, live for less than $5 per pound. Shipping is included in the price. My local supermarket has them for $7.99 per pound. Dead. Overcooked. Frozen. Add some corn on cob, red skinned potatoes and throw in some shrimp, clams and mussels … have a Crawfish Boil Party. Or make my orgasmically good Killer Cajun Crawfish. Can I come over for dinner? Oh yeah, and the best part about getting live crawfish is that when you first open the 10 lb box, they all want to escape and are particularly fiesty. Throw a few on the kitchen floor and have a pre-dinner show….a crawfish fight!! hehehe evil laugh!! Check out the rest of my shopping list for this month over at WellFed